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This Is When Married Couples Are The Happiest

The earliest years of married couples can be highly erratic. The first few weeks or months can be the happiest or the most romantic. Then reality sets in. You learn how to share and keep a home. Then, you have children. Next, you have to deal with choosing schools, buying insurances, and building up a college fund. Life goes on.

Research Says Twenty Is The Magic Number For Married Couples

Yes, a lot of married couples give up and end up in divorce, even if they are only married for a short while because they cannot stand the pressure, the fights, and the issues that never get resolved. They don’t stick around because they don’t see any reason to.

Surprisingly, couples who have decided to stick it out until about 20 years or more are actually happier than newlyweds, based on a research. According to the study published in the journal, Social Networks and the Life Course, it was found that couples who have been together for said years feel more fulfilled. Could this be the light at the end of the tunnel for every rocky marriage out there? Possibly.

Why Are Longer Married Couples Happier?

This study seems to point out that time heals all wounds. Aside from that, below are other possible reasons why couples who have been married longer turn out to be happier:

1. They have accepted each other.

A lot of the happiness as a married couple rests in the acceptance of the spouses. It’s the acceptance that they are not perfect, have flaws, and shortcomings. Perhaps, you can also be the helpmate in areas where your partner needs improvement. But, you do so with love and without judgment.

2. They have a better understanding of each other.

After so many years of being together, it seems that married couples developed a certain level of understanding that, sometimes, words are no longer necessary to communicate. Literally, they can finish each other’s sentences. Talk about habit or training, but they can anticipate their partner’s needs and satisfy them, even before these are verbalized.

3. They have decided to stick together.

Longer married couples are partners who have made the conscious choice to be together. Since it’s a mutual decision, they are happy to work out the kinks in their relationship because they both have the same goal—to make their marriage work and actually be happy.

It’s not impossible for a married couple to be happy and find fulfillment through the years. While divorce rates have increased, there are still married couples out there that stay intact and happy. For more interesting posts about marriage, read the rest of our blog.