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Marriage Proposals That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Marriage proposals are a big deal. Some pop the question after a candle-light dinner, which is a more subtle approach. There are those, however, that go the extra mile in making marriage proposals something that the future Mrs will remember for the rest of her life.

You might want to take notes gentlemen. The following men on this list have gone above and beyond just for their girls’ hands in marriage. And, you can bet that the women said yes. The gesture’s so grand that there’s really no other choice than to accept.

1. Dean Smith

Not everyone knows Dean Smith, but he’s made his mark on YouTube in 2015 when he revealed a video of him proposing to his girl Jen, 365 times without her knowing it. This has to be on the top 5 list of the best marriage proposals on the Internet. Get your tissues ready.

2. Luke Jerram

Luke Jerram is one creative dude. He is an artist, but it’s out of this world that he recorded his marriage proposal to his wife on her engagement ring. Yes, you read that right. He had the waveform diamond-etched onto the surface of a ring. When his wife played the ring, it said, “Shelina, I’ll love you forever. Marry Me!” You can check out the ring and the story here.

3. James Barry

James Barry’s proposal is more recent. He waited to pop the question for 13 years. If you’ve waited that long, you definitely want to make the occasion into something that can be forever remembered. What he did was he hired a brass band to propose to his girlfriend Orla Gallagher on the beach. Read more about this story here.

4. John Greenwood

Nothing says “effort” like an 18-month hunt for specks of gold to make into an engagement ring. That’s exactly what John Greenwood did for his fiancé Morag Shearer. It’s the ultimate gesture of love because panning for gold is not an easy job to do. Read more of this romantic story here.

Can You Top These Marriage Proposals with Your Own?

Whether you can do these grandiose marriage proposals is not important. What matters is that you are willing to spend the rest of your life with the person you truly love. For more inspiring posts, don’t forget to visit our blog.