A list of beautiful glamorous girls.

Luxury Is A State Of Mind For These Glamorous Girls

The Collins dictionary says of the word glamorous: “If you describe someone or something as glamorous, you mean that they are more attractive, exciting, or interesting than ordinary people or things.” Which is exactly what today’s Irresistible Five glamorous girls are.

These Glamorous Girls Are Like No Other

If you are the kind of person who likes ladies to be extraordinary, you will absolutely love today’s list of glamorous girls.


Valeriya is the first in our list of glamorous girls.
22-year-old Valeriya loves to study history and draw parallels with the present events.

We’re kicking off today’s list with an amazing brunette, Valeriya. The 22-year-old girl with the deep blue eyes is a university student who is aware of both her positive and negative traits. She is a very artistic person who likes to visit art exhibitions and says she is good at drawing and playing the piano. But Valeriya also loves sports and traveling. She doesn’t believe there is such a thing as an ideal person but wants her man to be loving, mature, passionate and a lover of nature.


Anastasia is the second entry on our glamorous girls list.
Anastasia describes herself as wise and open-minded.

The second glamorous lady on our list is a 26-year-old model from Ukraine, Anastasia. The impressive blonde describes herself as “active and creative” and says she hates quarrels and tries to see the opposite side of arguments too. Anastasia enjoys walks in nature and communicating with people. Her type of man is someone who is cheerful, sociable, easy-going, romantic, honest and fun.


In the middle of our glamorous girls list is a 33-year-old beauty, Veronica.
Veronica promises you’ll never be bored around her.

Right in the middle of our list today we find Veronica. The gorgeous blonde says she feels blessed to be able to build strong connections with people and she is grateful for what she has in life. Veronica is certain you’ll never be bored with her and hopes to travel all over the world. She loves to learn about cultures, peoples and different cuisines. The 33-year-old beauty also loves fishing and camping. If you are a “clever, attractive, careful, kind, responsible, tender as a teddy bear, and intelligent” man, you have a chance of winning this girl’s heart.


Beautiful Eugenia is the fourth entry on our glamorous girls list.
Eugenia is a 24-year-old photographer who doesn’t like to follow the beaten track.

In the fourth place of our glamorous girls’ list, we find a Russian doll. 24-year-old Eugenia is a photographer who certainly knows how to pose for a picture. The stunning brunette says that she’s “Intelligent, creative and communicative” and adds that she is ready to make a family. She likes traveling and wouldn’t mind moving if she found the right man abroad. In her free time,  Eugenia likes makeup art, style, fashion, and photography. The perfect man for her is someone who knows what he knows out of life and is certain of who he wants to share it with.


Anastasia from Moldova is the last entry on our glamorous girls list.
This Moldovan model says she’s not your typical blonde.

The second Anastasia on the glamorous girls’ list is, unfortunately, also the last lady on it. The 21-year-old Moldovan is a model who claims that she’s not your typical blonde. She describes herself as versatile and open-minded and says her life is full of interesting people and adventure. She loves tennis, karaoke, bowling, and hiking. He type of man is an open, gentle and tender guy who will love, appreciate and respect her as a person.

We really hope you enjoyed this extraordinary list of glamorous girls. Until next week, when we return with a new, exciting list, you can browse our previous lists here or click on the girls’ names for more about them.