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Love Reminders To Tell Yourself When You’re About To Give Up

Finding true love is not an easy task to do. Add the whole aspect of dating through the use of technology into the mix, and you have yourself an even more complicated situation. That’s what modern dating is. However, no matter how difficult or complicated it may be, you should never give up. If you feel like you’re about to, tell yourself the love reminders you’ll find on this post.

Love Reminders That Won’t Let You Give Up On Finding The One

Don’t worry. Everyone goes through a phase experts refer to as “dating burnout”. Just like how it is when you get burned out at work or with life, you also experience dating burn out when you feel like all of your efforts are to no avail. Before you give up, however, you might want to tell yourself the following:

1. Be Secure In Who You Are

Your lack of dates does not dictate your true value as a person. No matter how many bad dates you’ve been on, you shouldn’t beat yourself over it or question your worth. It might just have been bad luck, but you also have to consider if you’re dates are saying something in common. For example, if your dates have told you that you need to lighten up or relax. It could be time to make positive changes.

2. Your Career Skills Are Not Applicable In Your Relationships

How many times have we heard the theory about a person being successful in their career but not being successful in their love life? The problem with this is that many of us think that the skills we use to advance ourselves forward in our career are the same skills that we need to advance our relationships. Nope, this is totally incorrect. If being bossy is getting you somewhere in the office, it won’t get you anywhere when you look for dates.

3. Complete Vs Complementary

Are you looking for someone to complete you? That’s going to be difficult. Only you can complete yourself. You need to find someone who complements you so you can be your best self without changing aspects of your personality.

Your burn out is going to be temporary. Never give up on love. Permit yourself to rest, but you shouldn’t give up on finding the person who could be the most important to you. For more dating tips and love reminders, read other posts on our blog.