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It’s All About Living The Glamorous Life For These Women

Commonly, when you are a beautiful woman who is lucky in love, you’re usually not as lucky in your career, and vice versa. As the saying goes, you cannot have it all. This saying may be true after all. We’ve encountered a few ladies on Anastasia Date who have been living the glamorous life. All that’s missing is someone they can share their lives with.

The Glamorous Life Isn’t Enough With Love And Passion

The women on this week’s list have been traveling the world and living the glamorous life. Some have to travel for their job, others travel because it is their passion. Everything is fabulous, but there’s just one more piece of the puzzle missing. The puzzle piece could be you:


Lyubov28 - Anastasia Date Lady

Lyubov is an idealist. She says that a feeling shouldn’t be labeled as love if one only gives out a small portion of it. The feeling has to be grand, according to her. And, it should all be poured out into one person. This is what she believes, so you better be prepared if you want to date her.


Angelica24 - Anastasia Date Lady

Angelica wants the best out of life. She wants to have it all – a good lifestyle, time and finances to travel, and, of course, a person to love with all her heart. do you believe that she can have everything that she wants?


Marina20 - Anastasia Date Lady

Marina is an interior decorator. Many say that she is quite intimidating, but she says that she is a kind person at heart. You would have to get to know her to see this trait of hers. Her aim is to find someone who is sincere about a lasting relationship.


Yadviga22 - Anastasia Date Lady

Yadviga is the hopeless romantic of the bunch. She is searching for her soulmate. To her, the person she is looking for doesn’t have to be good-looking. Instead, she knows that her man will be honest and loving.


Maria24 - Anastasia Date Lady

Maria has the soul of an adventurer. She is into yoga, dancing, diving, and snowboarding. She is hoping to find a person who also has the same interests as she. Are you the kind who loves to try new things?

Though these ladies have been living the glamorous life, they long for more excitement when it comes to dating or love. You can get to know them more by clicking on their name and sending them a message. For more lists, reviews, and tips, read other posts on the blog.