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Learn How European Men Date the Right Way

How European men date is clearly very different to how American men date. And, guess what? It’s very effective to women in general, not just women from Europe. There’s just something about going on a date with a European man that makes a woman feel confident, sexy, and, possibly, the prettiest girl in the room. What is this “something”, and how can men from other parts of the world learn it?

Reasons Why European Men Are Successful in Dating

Can the rest of the men from other parts of the world learn a thing or two from how European men date? Definitely. Here’s what everybody needs to learn:

1. European Men Are Confident

Does this mean that men from the rest of the parts of the world are not comfortable with approaching or interacting with women? Not really. It just means that European men date with great respect to women. They don’t really spend time figuring out the complexity of how a woman thinks, and that’s most likely because of their upbringing. In America, there’s a clear segregation between genders even at a young age. Boys play with boys and they all play with boy’s toys. In Europe, there’s no segregation at all so Euro males grow up exposed and familiar with females.

2. Knowing the Steps

This is most likely similar to most parts of the world where the dating process has several “stages”. There’s the meeting stage, the “hooking up” and dating stage, and then dating exclusively stage (otherwise known as the boyfriend-girlfriend stage). That doesn’t really matter to European men. If you like each other, you decide to keep seeing each other and see where things lead you. It’s very organic and it could be one of the reasons why European men date successfully.

3. European Men Have Good Manners

OK, let’s just clear up the air. This doesn’t mean that the rest of men-kind do not have an ounce of politeness in them. It just means that European men were brought up knowing how important manners are. You’ll know this when you meet European men online and offline. It shows in the way they speak, in how they treat ladies and in how they treat other people.

4. European Dating is NOT Dating at All

The thing is, the European concept of “dating” is very different. Like what was said earlier, it doesn’t have labeled stages. It’s more organic. It’s also less formal so in dating European singles, the Western way: asking a girl out, going to a fancy restaurant, walking in the park and so on, doesn’t really apply. Of course, there are activities done, but they’re not set formally. A trip to the museum, a short walk, a brief coffee at the local cafe can be considered as spending time in finding out if there’s a spark.

5. European Men Don’t Play Games

Have you ever seen the movie “She’s Just Not that Into You”? This is a perfect example of where you can see the kind of rules and norms that exist in Western dating. Don’t sleep with a guy until the 5th date, don’t call or text right away, do not stalk him or her on social media, act like you’re not available and so on. Again, European men date organically so dating rules basically do not exist. It’s also good to know that European men do not freak out when the topic of commitment is being brought up.

More to Learn

It’s not just these five that you need to know. There’s more to learn on how European guys date, but the idea is that mean from European go with the flow. They don’t force things, they do not play games, they’re most probably not aiming to get women into the bedroom, they’re perfect gentlemen and they treat women with the utmost respect. This is what European women want and it could work for you too.