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You Can Probably Tell What These Ladies’ Favorite Color Is

If you see a gorgeous woman wearing pink, what impression does that have on you? Most definitely, you will think that she is fun, feminine, and friendly. Just ask the ladies on this week’s list, and they will tell you that wearing their favorite color makes them feel the exact same way.

These Ladies’ Favorite Color Represents A Part Of Their Personality

Most ladies, not just the ones on this list, have pink as their favorite color because it represents a part of their personality. They can be loud and calm, colorful and muted. These traits may seem to contradict, but pink does have the characteristics of the calming white and the passionate red. Let’s see these ladies in their favorite color:


Anna20 - Anastasia Date Lady

Anna loves wearing pink because it makes her look more feminine. In actuality, she sees herself as a bit of a tomboy because she loves cars. This lady knows how to drive fast and hard. She even surprised her driving instructor. When you say hello, be sure to ask her about this story.


Maria28 - Anastasia Date Lady

Maria wears pink because it makes her feel determined. One part of her character, according to her, is purposefulness. When she wants something, she acts with purpose to attain what she desires. She is a psychologist by profession.


Juliya21 - Anastasia Date Lady

Juliya doesn’t really like bright shades of pink. She likes more subtle ones that border towards cream or white, just like the dress she is wearing on her photo. This particular shade makes her feel simple yet elegant, she says. She has plenty of clothes in this color.


Olga21 - Anastasia Date Lady

Olga works as an accountant. She says that she loves her job, but she prefers to do things during her free time that does not include numbers. As you can tell by the shade of pink she is wearing, this girl is a blast to be with.


Anastasia23 - Anastasia Date Lady

Elegant is one word that Anastasia would like to describe herself. Just like another lady on this list, she likes the subdued shade of pink because it makes her look chic. She is creative, open-minded, and has her own views about the world around her.

Which lady do you think wears her favorite color the best? Remember that you can pay the ladies a compliment by clicking on their names and visiting their dating profile. For more lists similar to this, as well as other dating articles, read other posts on the blog.