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How to Keep the Relationship Going With Your Eastern European beauty

Eastern European women are just like what the title says – beauties. Because they are at a higher level on the hotness meter, most guys would kill (not literally…maybe more like do anything) to meet and keep such angels. This is why, if you do have a pretty European woman by your side, you have to up your game to keep your Eastern European beauty happy and contented with the relationship you have.

Its not as easy and it’s very different from the usual things that you did when you were in a relationship with someone from the same culture as you. The main difference is that it’ll take a lot more to keep your Eastern European beauty so pay attention. Here are 5 things you can do.

Be On Top of Your Game and Keep Your Eastern European Beauty Happy

1. Learn the Language

Most Eastern European hotties know how to speak Russian and many suggest that learning Russian is the way to go. It’s a form of general communication – it’s true – but instead of learning just Russian, the better idea would be to learn the language of the country you’re in. It’ll come in handy when you meet another Eastern European hottie from the same country but, more so, it’ll be better for the relationship you’re in now since you’re minimizing misunderstandings caused by language barriers. The keyword is minimizing since you can’t really eliminate the barrier but less of it is always good.

2. Alpha Male Mode ON

Eastern European hotties are used to ALPHA MALES. These women don’t really like to see “weakness” in their man hence your ALPHA-mode needs to be on – always; or at least at the start of the relationship. As soon as the level of your togetherness becomes deeper, you can turn off your Alpha-ness for a moment – that’s excusable. Just make sure that you turn it on after 5 mins.

3. Be a Gentleman

Aside from being Alpha, you shouldn’t forget to be the most romantic gentleman there is. This means flowers, sometimes chocolates, fancy dates, politeness, putting her first and so on. You have to treat your Eastern European hottie like she’s the only princess in your life without appearing too needy.

4. Don’t be Stingy

If it’s one thing that turns Eastern European girl off it’s stinginess. Status is everything to an Eastern European so what does being stingy say about your status? This doesn’t mean, however, that you need to sell your house and your car just to continue to be in a relationship with an Eastern European hottie. You just have to make sure that you splurge on her every once in a while.

5. Be Unpredictable

We put this in because you, honestly, have to be a mix of everything. You have to show your romantic sensitive side while maintaining your ALPHA status and you have to keep this up throughout the entire duration of your relationship. It’s like playing it by ear, you have to adjust yourself to her needs – if she needs the romantic side then show it. If she wants to be dominated by the ALPHA then, by all means, oblige.

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Whew! All of the 5 things we just mentioned sounds like real work. But it is what it is. Good sir, you have got in your arms or in your cyber-arms the Eastern European woman of your dreams. Don’t waste this opportunity for love by not giving it your all. Besides, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen if that’s how you feel.