Anastasia Date | You’re the Reason Why Foreign Dating Sites are NOT Working for You

It’s Your Fault Foreign Dating Sites are NOT Working for You

You’ve signed up for several foreign dating sites already, but you still don’t have an online date. What gives? You’re not alone. A lot of people, especially men, often wonder what they are doing wrong with the tactics they use when meeting foreign women online. Is it the online dating profile? Is it the picture on the profile?

DO the Following on Foreign Dating Sites

Your profile and your profile picture are just some of the factors why foreign dating sites are not working for you. Of course, both of these have to be interesting, but mostly, it’s you. Specifically, it’s how you act, it’s the things you say, and it’s how you conduct yourself.

Take the First Step

You’ve probably already guessed what we’re going to look at first, and that’s your online dating profile and your profile picture. If your profile on foreign dating sites is empty, you better write something interesting on there asap. Start with your hobbies and your dreams. Once you’re done, make sure you upload a recent photo of yourself that looks flattering.

Work on Yourself

Now that you have the profile and the profile picture out of the way let’s work on yourself. First off, stop trying too hard. If you like a foreign lady, you’re going to do everything you can to impress her. If you do too much, she’ll lose interest in you fast because you’re simply trying too hard.

You can do some research on the dating culture of the foreign lady you’re interested in so it can be somewhat of a guide for you. Some foreign girls like to be chased, while others prefer their personal space. Some ladies like that you message them five times or more a day, like AnastasiaDate ladies; some do not.

Last but not the least, try your best to keep your excitement at bay. Don’t be too over enthusiastic with your voice, your words, your facial expressions, and most especially your questions to your foreign lady. Show off your confidence! Don’t just wait around, make the first move and initiate a conversation.

Let us know when you’ve had better luck with foreign dating sites by leaving a comment below. We hope you’ve found this post helpful! There are more posts on our blog so be sure to check them out.