This Irresistible five list is dedicated to dreamy girls with curves.

Irresistible Girls With Curves In All The Right Places

After the 90s craze of skinny, almost gaunt models, in the past few years, there’s been a steady shift towards more healthy and curvaceous female bodies. Our Irresistible Five today is made up of girls with curves they are more than proud to show off.

Meet Today’s Gorgeous Girls With Curves

Decidedly feminine and beautiful beyond belief, let’s meet today’s irresistible five girls with flawless curves.


Ekaterina is an impressive girl with curves in all the right places.
Ekaterina claims to be the perfect woman – and she is right.

We are opening today’s Irresistible Five with stunning Ekaterina. The 29-year-old make-up artist from Ukraine is confident, caring, tender and positive. She loves to do outdoor activities, like picnics or traveling, but is also keen on making her house cozy and warm. She is looking for a special someone who will take care of her and not be afraid to show his love and dedication.


Anastasia is proud of her curves and positive personality.
The impressive 21-year-old is rarely seen without her smile.

Our second curvaceous beauty is 21-year-old engineer Anastasia. This gorgeous girl is so positive you’ll hardly ever see her without a smile on her face. Which is great news, because her smile is just radiant. She is a romantic woman with strong moral values, who loves music and dancing. Anastasia hopes to meet a man who will appreciate her personality as well as her looks. They will enjoy walks on the seashore and romantic strolls under the stars together.


Impressive Juliya is one of the prettiest girls with curves.
Gorgeous Juliya is a living and breathing Barbie doll – only better.

Can you believe we’re already mid-list? This is where we find Barbie-doll beauty Juliya. The breathtaking blonde is a bank employee and a loving mother.  She is looking forward to being a loving wife too. Juliya says she ”can be everything for her one and only: a loving wife, a cheerful friend and a passionate lover”.


Moldovan Ilona is an amazing example of why girls with curves are on trend these days.
Girls with curves don’t come much better than stunning Moldovan Ilona.

Ilona is truly fascinating. The 19-year-old Moldovan beautician believes in karma and in solving things peacefully, without conflict. She loves making hand-made objects, as it means the simplest things take different forms. Ilona says her ideal type of man is someone with whom she will experience new things and see new places. She also appreciates all romantic gestures of love.


Gorgeous Ukrainian Snezhana appreciates honest feelings and is looking to make a family.
Amazing Ukrainian Snezhana is looking for a man with true feeling with whom to create a family.

The last curvaceous bombshell on our list today is impressive Ukrainian Snezhana. The 19-year-old stylist is a very interesting personality. She is fun, romantic and very energetic and has a number of hobbies, from skating to going to the theater. The tall beauty is looking for someone who will, above all else, be a man of his word. Once she finds him, Snezhana intends to have a very close relationship with him and create a family together.

Did you enjoy today’s Irresistible Five list of fabulous girls with curves? You can learn more about each one by simply clicking on their names. For more gorgeous Eastern European ladies, visit AnastasiaDate.