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The Internet Romance Nobody Expected And Yet It Really Happened IRL

When we say life works in the most mysterious ways and when we insist that people should take a chance in love, some might laugh and some might even mock us for being overly romantic or optimistic, but this blooming internet romance is our answer to these people.

A Modern-Day Fairytale In The Form Of An Internet Romance  

It was three years ago, in July 2014,  that Twitter user Llia Apostolou made a rather funny tweet where she was openly looking for a date to her sister’s wedding, going so far as to offer bonus points if he could bring a baby she could pretend was hers too.

An internet romance that started with a funny tweet.
The original tweet that started everything.

Little did she know that Phil Gibson, a complete stranger at the time, would pick up the gauntlet, replying with a simple-yet-effective “I can do this. I’ve got a suit and everything!”

The internet romance began with some fun flirting.
When the couple joked about getting married, they really had no idea where life would take them.

The flirting between the couple from the UK continued, as Llia joked about marrying him and he told her that his grandmother was already looking forward to meeting her. Even though the would-be pair didn’t go to Apostolou’s sister’s wedding together, they did meet during that same week.

They dated for the three years that followed the tweet and their successive meeting, hit it off and got married just a few days ago, with a giddy Llia posting her Twitter followers, who hopefully kept track of her relationship with Phil, “Almost exactly three years later, I can say… Reader, I married him.”

Llia kept the followers of her internet romance informed about her wedding.
Llia informed her followers about her and Phil’s happy news.

Llia and Phil still can’t believe their luck, but we say it’s not just luck that brought these two together. If Llia had never made the effort to, even as a joke, tell the world about her search for a partner and Phil had never plucked up the courage to make the move, we would never have had the chance to talk about their love.

This internet romance had its happily ever after.
Llia and Phil on their wedding day.

This is a lesson for those saying internet romance is fake, and a source of inspiration for those who believe that love is out there – all you need to do is have an open heart and mind.