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This Is The Ingredient Needed For A Long-lasting Relationship

If there is one thing for certain, it’s the everyday struggles all relationship are called to grapple with. We are not perfect people and neither are the conditions we live in, which basically explains why our relationships are far from perfect. How do we face life’s challenges and manage to keep it all together in a long-lasting relationship, then? Luckily, there is one thing that can act as our saving grace: humor.

Why A Sense of Humor Can Save A Long-lasting Relationship

Sure, wondering how to pay the electricity bill and also fill your fridge is no laughing matter.  Neither are the everyday unlucky situations you will have to face – from losing your job to feeling like a failure of a parent, but having a sense of humor helps.

A Relationship Stabilizer

When both partners have the ability to make light of the saddest, gravest situations, they can deal with them in a much calmer way. A sense of humor is a sign of positivity, a way to view life in a lighter way and not despair even at the sight of serious problems. When we are calm and collected, we can also make better decisions, without the weight of too much stress or the burden of negativity.

A Bonding Power

Another way a sense of humor helps long-lasting relationships stay healthy is that it bonds the couple. Being able to make your partner feel better when he/she is faced with difficulties is a true blessing. This explains why so many people rank a good sense of humor among the most desirable traits for a life partner. Nobody likes a Debbie Downer by their side when they are down in the dumps themselves, so we all look for a partner who can make us laugh.

A Common Language

Even during a couple’s fights, a joke may not solve the actual problem, but it always manages to take away some of the tension and remind partners of one of the reasons they like each other. Being able to make a person laugh means that you understand their way of thinking and can connect with them on many levels. This is why a partner will be more forgiving of a significant other who can make them joke about problems.

Even though a common sense of humor is not a panacea that can cure every problem faced by a couple in a long-lasting relationship, it is most definitely the sort of glue that helps the couple deal with troubles more efficiently, maintain a common code of communication and avoid being weighed down by the mundanities of everyday life.