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It’s Impossible To Ignore These Unique Green-Eyed Girls

Did you know that only 2% of the world’s population has green eyes? We are talking about 140 million people on the entire planet. This makes the gorgeous green-eyed girls on this list super-special too.

Gorgeous Green-Eyed Girls Who Make Others Green With Envy

Because of the rarity of the green color of eyes, there are some very interesting theories about the people who have them. First of all, they are considered to be more attractive. They are said to have more intense relationships and lead healthier lifestyles. Green-eyed people are also considered to be better connected to the earth and they are said to have a longer lifespan. Famous green-eyed stars include Amanda Seyfried, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, Hayden Panettiere, Drew Barrymore, Lindsay Lohan, Adele, and Milla Jovovich. Let’s meet the gorgeous green-eyed girls on today’s list.


The first in the gorgeous green-eyed girls list.
This 19-year-old marketeer is an amazing mix of qualities.

We are starting off this list with a 19-year-old beauty from Ukraine. Anastasia is a marketeer who is very confident in herself. And why wouldn’t she be? The slender brunette is not only doing a great job academically, she is also good at sports and cooking. Anastasia describes herself as a romantic woman who can devote all her time to her guy once she finds him. She enjoys dancing, going to the gym and learning German. Her ideal kind of man is someone who will share the same life values as her, someone who will respect, support, and be faithful to her.


Olga is the second on the gorgeous green-eyed girls list.
Beautiful Olga is a very adaptive, simple kind of woman.

The second lady on our list is a 32-year-old blonde beauty, Olga. Olga is an administrator who likes to adapt to situations and always makes sure to feel good about herself, no matter where she is. The mother-of-one (Olga has a seven-year-old son) describes herself as communicative and someone who takes her job very seriously. When it comes to her preferences regarding her type of man, Olga is quite laconic: she just wants him to be caring and loving.


Alexandra's in the middle of the gorgeous green-eyed girls list.
Alexandra believes that the only way to go about life is by following your heart.

Halfway through today’s list, we introduce you to Alexandra: a 20-year-old makeup artist from Vyshgorod, Ukraine. The brunette babe describes herself as a crazy person with a great sense of humor. Her life motto is to go and get what your heart wants, this is why she is passionate and dedicated to those she loves. In her spare time, Alexandra loves doing makeup for her friends and decorating her house using her own taste and imagination, she loves everything about art and beauty. She’s not looking for a perfect man, but someone who’ll be honest, open-minded and strong.


The penultimate position of the gorgeous green-eyed girls list is held by Juliya.
Juliya is a super-fit girl who believes in love at first sight.

In the penultimate position of our gorgeous green-eyed girls list, we find a stunning lady: 23-year-old Juliya. Juliya describes herself as a calm, romantic person who dislikes arguments and is always willing to offer her help to those who need it. The chiseled fitness trainer is a major fan of sports, and she loves to lead a healthy lifestyle and always be in shape. When it comes to her personal life, the breathtaking brunette is tired of being alone. She says she believes there is someone out there searching for her and she’s looking forward to finding him and making him feel like a Greek god.


The last entry on the gorgeous green-eyed girls list.
Ekaterina is open to romantic adventures, looking for her life partner.

We are concluding this list with a 31-year-old lady from Kiev. Ekaterina is a tall, impressive girl with endless legs and the most expressive big eyes. She describes herself as tender, feminine, romantic, friendly and communicative. Ekaterina believes in miracles and is determined to find her soulmate, which is why she has her heart and mind open to romantic adventures. In her free time, Ekaterina likes attending art exhibitions with friends, singing, playing the guitar, oil-painting, doing sports and reading psychology books and articles. Her ideal man would be a sincere, kind, understanding and humorous person.

Hope you enjoyed reading about these gorgeous green-eyed girls; each one of them as unique and rare as the color of her eyes. You can find out more about them if you click on their names. For more breathtaking beauties, you can either check out previous profiles on our blog or visit AnastasiaDate.