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How To Know If You’re More Than Friends

It’s difficult to determine where the line of friendship ends and the one for potential romantic relationships begin. It’s especially true if you’ve been friends, or more than friends in this case, for years! If you feel this way about a particular friend of yours, some signs tell you there could be more than just friendly feelings in the air.

Signs That Tell You You’re Actually More Than Friends

Take a look at how you treat each other and how you move within your friendship. See if you can spot the following signs:

Communication On The Daily Basis

Your commitment to staying connected should already tell you something. If you text, call, chat or talk to each other in person every day, it could mean that you want to be in each other’s presence all the time.

A Lot Of Secrets

Do you know secrets about each other? If both of you have been opening up to each other, it is a sign of a deeper connection. Best friends also share secrets together, but you’ll know that you’re more than friends when you share flirty secrets, not just ones from your personal life. For example, do you know if your friend is sleeping in the nude? People who are attracted to each other can’t help but flirt.


When do friends become jealous of people you date? Maybe sometimes if you’re not spending time with them anymore, but they get over it. You’ll know that you’re more than friends if you cannot get over who your friend is dating right now.

You Go Out On Dates All The Time

Well, you may not realize that you go on dates because you label it as “hanging out”. But, when the attraction is almost palpable between you two, it is a date even though you won’t admit it.

Your Other Friends Think You Have Something

How many other friends have told you that you have a special type of connection? If it’s not just you who is noticing that there may be something, it’s likely that romantic feelings are bubbling up.

If you spotted all the five signs, what do you do? It’s up to you. You have to consider your friend’s feelings also. If all signs point to yes, then go for it and make it official. For more dating tips, make sure to check out more posts on our blog.