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How to Date a Gorgeous Russian Woman

Are there specific instructions on how you can date a gorgeous Russian woman? To tell the truth, there is none. Russian ladies are very complicated. In fact, “complex” is a good adjective for beautiful Russian women and East European ladies. It is impossible to wrap this complexity up into a short guide.

DOs and DONTs: Survive Dating a Gorgeous Russian Woman

All that a foreign man can follow is the Dos and Don’ts for dating a hot Russian woman. And, this is what this list is about. The following is a DOs and DON’Ts guide for foreign men who do not know how fierce and passionate a Russian woman can be.

DO Get the Bill

A hot Russian woman will always expect you to get the bill. If you go to several Russian dating sites, you’ll see that women on those sites prefer a man who is a gentleman. To a Russian woman, getting the bill is one of the most gentlemanly things you can do. So, again, always remember to get the bill.

DON’T be Impatient

Generally, men can be impatient when waiting for their date to get ready. Another scenario is if they are waiting for their girlfriend to finish shopping. If you’re dating a hot Russian woman, you have to be patient during both scenes. Russian girls like to dress up and look their best. Allow them to do so if you wish to survive.

DO Give Her Attention

Eastern European ladies expect you to be attentive to them. It may sound like they can be clingy, but no. Your attention means that you’re genuinely interested and that you are serious. You cannot date a gorgeous Russian woman and then not have the time to go to the park, to watch a movie, to text or call her, and so on.

DON’T Go Out with Other Gorgeous Russian Women

To you, “dating” may not mean that you’re official, but to a Russian woman it does. If you’re dating two Russian females at the same time, it is a big NO-NO. Russian women want commitment. There are some who want an open relationship, but most Russian pretties date to find serious relationships.

DO Get Her Small Gifts

Small gifts are sweet and meaningful. During your dates with your hot Russian lady, show her your affection with a gift. This small gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Flowers, for examples, is a great small gift to give. Another one is chocolate. This small gift tells her that you’re thoughtful and that you were thinking of her at the time you bought the gift.

DON’T Give Up

It is true that a Russian gal can be cold, sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up. A Russian girl may just be testing your sincerity which is why she might be acting a little strange or different. When this happens, suck it in and patiently wait for the storm to finish.

Good luck Gentlemen

That is all the DOs and DON’Ts we have for you. Remember that a Russian lady can be very complex. It is up to you to it out and survive dating a gorgeous Russian woman. For more fun tips, don’t forget to visit the blog again soon.