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How This Guy’s Dating Resume Made Him An Internet Sensation

We all know the importance of a job resume and we’ve all got one that we’re moderately proud of. But have you ever heard of a dating resume? Apparently, describing our dating skills on paper is the next big thing.

How Did The Idea Of A Dating Resume Start?                                      

Like all great inventions, the idea for a dating resume was born out of necessity. More specifically, a 21-year-old university student in the USA made the resume to win over the heart of a girl who was looking online for someone to escort her on a formal date. And it caused a sensation.

What’s The Dating Resume Like?

His name is Joey Adams and he thought it would be a great idea to make a resume where he would write not only about his studies and work experience, but also how he spends his time, what his strongest and weakest skills are, and the things that make him interesting.

What’s So Cool About It?

What is amazing about Adams’ s resume is that he manages to present himself in a way that is honest and simple, but from the first look it becomes clear that this is a clever, humorous person who respects women and is serious about relationships. For example, in the skills section, he mentions he is very skilled at “Crying During ‘Marley and me’” and “Acting like a dad in public”, both signs of a caring and sensitive person who can also joke about his sensitivities.

Another winning point is that he mentions that he has “no Tinder Record because (he) doesn’t objectify women for the sake of getting a@@” – you don’t have to be super clever to realize all women would appreciate this respectful and mature approach.

More clever ways of his presentation of himself is how he describes that he has over a thousand followers on both his Twitter accounts – the clear message here being that he is both smart and popular, and that he mentions he is great at “making small talk with parents”, which is always a welcome characteristic with women, who generally like a man who they can present to their family without worrying he will embarrass them. For those looking even more closely, the “running dog’s Instagram/ Facebook” part in his activities section is another winning attribute with pet loving ladies.

Should We All Be Making One?

Whether you decide to make a dating resume for yourself or not, there are some lessons to be drawn from this guy’s effort. First of all, be bold in how you present yourself. Don’t be afraid to embrace your weaknesses and present them in a funny and light-hearted way.

Focus on simple, everyday attributes that show you are down to earth and great to spend time with, instead of looking to make a great impression by looking for extraordinary and barely-believable things to say about yourself. Guys tend to forget that women are actually looking for some very simple, every-day things in guys, not superhuman, out-of-this-world powers.

Even though Joey didn’t end up going on the date with that girl, his social media accounts are full of other girls’ interest and attention, which will probably see him enrich his dating resume a lot in the coming weeks and months. You can read more details on the story on Buzzfeed.

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