Life after marriage is different to what others will tell you it's like.

The Honest Truth About Life After Marriage

Without a doubt, getting married is one of the most important decisions in a couple’s life. And when it comes to marriage, it seems that everyone thinks they are experts at dispensing priceless advice. With the pieces of advice that make sense, though, there are also a lot of misconceptions. If you’re not sure what to believe about life after marriage, we’re here to help.

Common Myths About Life After Marriage

Whether you have made the step and tied and knot or you’re just thinking about getting hitched, it’s useful to be aware of the following truths regarding marriage.

Perhaps the most common among all marriage myths is the one that supports that nothing is going to change. Every time we take a step forward, things are bound to change in our lives. Whether it’s your first time cohabitating, or the time to decide if you want to have kids, it is wrong and misguided to believe that marriage is the biggest or last decision you will have to make as a couple.

Which takes us to the second myth: that marriage will terminate your arguments or be the answer to all your problems. If we’re honest, after the first days/months or excitement and the honeymoon phase pass, there will always – ALWAYS –  be problems to face and arguments to have,  from how to pay the bills and who is supposed to take out the trash, to how to name your child.

A third popular misconception about married life is that a couple should be willing and ready to have a child straight after marriage. The decision to procreate, however, should not be taken lightly or be made under the pressure of one’s parents and family, or even one’s spouse. It is a very serious, personal, and life-altering choice that should be made by a couple if and when they feel ready to have children.

A myth you may also have heard is that visiting a marriage counselor is a clear sign you’re in deep trouble. As with many other decisions that a married couple makes, the decision to get expert advice in order to resolve some of their most serious issues is a very personal one. Despite what those outside the couple might say or think, it may be the wisest and healthiest choice to make too. A couple that realizes they have unresolved problems and decides to turn to an expert is an honest couple that is willing to work things out, instead of sweeping their problems under the rug.

And A Half-Truth

Last but not least, they say that when you marry someone, you also marry their family. Well, this one is true – for the most part anyway. The fact that you love your partner doesn’t mean you will also love her kin, but you still have to respect them and make peace with the fact you will have to spend some time with them. So, this one is a half-truth.

The fact that life after marriage will not be as rosy as some say should not be something that will deter you from making the step, neither should you be pushed into making certain decisions because society or others say so. Each couple is unique and should be free to experience married life any which way they like.