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This Is What Higher Testosterone Does To Your Relationship

Do you think you have higher testosterone than average? You won’t be able to confirm unless you have tests done. But, once you find out that you do have higher testosterone levels, this could be the culprit behind your overprotectiveness.

New Study Suggests Males With Higher Testosterone Are Overprotective

This new study that has been published in the Journal of Physiology & Behavior discovered that males with higher than usual levels of the mentioned steroid hormone tend to exert more effort into keeping their partner’s faithful and in a relationship with them. The study labeled this as “mate retention behavior”.

Testing For Higher Testosterone Levels

The participants composed of 108 undergraduate males. Samples of their saliva were taken. They also had to complete a survey with questions about mate retention and intersexual competition.

Surprisingly, the connection between mate retention and a man’s testosterone levels was only modest. So, where did the overprotectiveness come from? Indirectly, men become more overprotective because of the connection between higher testosterone levels and intersexual competition.

The researchers, however, stated that further studies need to be conducted to solidify the claim.

What To Do About Your Overprotectiveness

Whether you have high testosterone levels or not, it’s important that you display your concern to your partner in a way that can be beneficial to the relationship. There are healthier ways to show that you want to protect your significant other.

Do not monopolize her, asking her not to hang out with friends or family. Instead, you can try the following ways to show your concern:

  • Drive your girlfriend to the place where she will be meeting friends or family.
  • Text her to see how she’s doing.
  • Talk to her so you have a good grasp of what her best interest is.
  • Remind her that she is loved.
  • Make her feel secure by being the best partner you can be.

Although higher testosterone levels can make you more protective, you should always look at your relationship from a bird’s eye point of view. Showing your partner that you care is great, but if you do too much of it, she could feel smothered and boxed in. For more tips on improving relationships, read more on our blog.