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Here’s Why You Can’t Get a Russian Girlfriend

You’ve been on a dating site for months now and you still can’t get a Russian girlfriend. So you’ve started to wonder: Is there something wrong?!

There probably is but you just haven’t noticed it yet. There are different factors that come into play when talking about what might be wrong in your online dating life. It might be the way you present yourself, it might be your profile or it might be the way you chat with the Russian ladies. It sounds complicated but we will un-complicate things for you by telling you the 5 most common reasons why you can’t get a Russian girlfriend.

After This Advice, You’ll Get A Russian Girlfriend In No Time

Reason #1: You sound too shy in your profile.

Oh! Did we say shy? We meant shy AND boring. Let’s back-track and examine your profile carefully. If your “About Me” sounds like a standard introduction essay where you put in your job, your likes and dislike and hobbies, it’s not going to stand out, hence Russian women will not notice.

TIP: Compile a list of the following and put it in your profile: favorite movies, songs you’re currently listening to, books you’re currently reading, countries you’d like to travel to and countries you’ve visited. These lists will make for very good ice breakers.

Reason #2: You’re profile picture is of yourself wearing PJs.

Ok, so no one in the right mind would post a picture of themselves on a dating website with nothing but pajamas on. Our point here is that your profile picture is also not as eye-catching as your profile. Change it into a picture of yourself wearing your snappiest outfit.

Nice to know fact: To get a Russian girlfriend means that you have to look good. Russian women care about their looks (not superficially, of course, but they like to take care of themselves) and they want a man who also feels the same.

Reason #3: You chat boringly.

To a Russian woman, a boring conversation is the worst. You might be looking good on your profile picture but if you don’t spice things up and make it fun and interesting during the chat, it might ruin your chances of getting a Russian honey.

Reason #4: You only talk about yourself.

So you’ve made things interesting by talking about your life achievements, hobbies, interests and the like but when is it going to be her turn? You may think that the conversation is going well but don’t be surprised when she doesn’t reply to your next messages. Give her a chance to talk about herself and encourage her to do so.

TIP: You may encounter Russian women who don’t speak English fluently. They may be hesitant to express themselves because of the lack of English skill. Make sure that you don’t make these women feel like they’re lesser than you because they can’t express themselves in English. Encourage them to talk and ask questions yourself.

Reason #5: You’re not being truthful.

Other than a boring conversation, another top item on the list of what Russian women despise the most is lying. They absolutely hate it when people lie to them. It’s very tempting to reinvent yourself especially if the other person can’t see or meet you face to face. Remember, though, that you cannot keep up the lies for a long time. It’s much easier to just tell the truth from get-go.

Are you ready to find a girlfriend from Russia now?

All of the items listed her are pretty basic. We know that #1 and #2 reason has a bit of science to it, but it will be enough to follow it to spruce up your dating profile. Good luck and we hope that you can find your Russian girl soon!

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