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How Hard Is It To Date A Russian Woman? This Explains It

Do you know what it’s like to date a Russian woman? If you’re reading this now, it’s likely that you don’t. Well, we’ve written so many blog posts about what it’s like to have a Russian wife or girlfriend, but here is it translated in a funny video.

What You Can Expect When You Date A Russian Woman

All of the points that you will read below are based off the video, but we’re adding in a few tips of our own too:

She Takes Care Of Her Appearance

Everyone probably already knows that Russian women like to take care of themselves. We’ve also been saying this ever since. If you want to date a Russian woman, make sure that you take care of your appearance too. Don’t show up on your date underdressed.

Tip: Google “stylish outfits for a date men” and you’ll see examples of outfits that you can wear.

She Rejects Guys Who Don’t Have A Plan

If you’re the type of guy who doesn’t make reservations because you “play it by ear”, “go with the flow”, or “roll with the punches”, you can bet that it’s not going to work out. Russian women don’t like men who are indecisive.

Like what the video suggested, be assertive because Russian women appreciate a man who can take control.

Tip: Tell her exactly what you’re going to do on your date – what you’ll eat, what you’ll drink, where you’ll go and so on. You don’t have to be very detailed. She just needs to know that you’re confident about the date you’ve planned.

Forget About It If You’re Not A Gentleman

Russian women are used to being treated like ladies. If you’re not going to open doors for her, you’re not going to stand a chance. You’ll quickly see that her face will turn sour when you cannot take a hint about what you need to do, like in the video.

She Can Seem Cold

Don’t be deceived by her tough exterior. She may be having a great time, but may not be showing it in the way you would expect her to do so. While you’re on your date, do your best to break the ice so she can loosen up and feel more at ease to show her true feelings.

Once you do, she’ll be interested in everything that you’re interested in. She’ll also be more comfortable to show you her emotional side.

Tip: Stick to jokes that she’s familiar with. If you don’t know any Russian jokes, look for Russian comedians on YouTube and watch their videos.

She’s Not Going To Let You Go Hungry

Date a Russian woman, and you’ll see how caring she is when she’s warmed up to you. She’ll fix you a snack, get you a beer and make you feel like your king of the house.

At first, a Russian woman will seem challenging to date, but if you succeed in winning her heart over, you may find that Russian women make the best wives or girlfriends. We have more dating tips on our blog so check those out.