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Happy Couples Have A Secret – These Fights

Do happy couples fight? Of course! Whether it’s an argument about who always has the TV remote more or who forgot to pick up the clothes at the dry cleaners, a little bit of bickering happens here and there. There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship! Despite the couple being so good together, there’s bound to be an area where they do not see eye to eye.

Kinds Of Fights Happy Couples Go Through (Plus The Resolution)

The following items on this list are common issues that happy couples fight about, plus simple resolutions on how a couple can resolve the problem at hand:

1. Familial Issues

Having family over can be great, but when one partner is not thrilled upon hearing that the family is coming over on Sunday, it could be time to set some limits. Family bonds are important, but you also have to prioritize how your partner feels.

How to settle this: talk about it, and make sure that the respect for one another, as well as respect for each others’ family, is there.

2. Financial Issues

Happy couples can also fight about their finances. The interesting thing about this is that it’s not about how much is spent, or if the couple can afford it. Fighting about finances has a deeper root – it’s more about having different values.

How to settle this: always be 100% clear about your financial goals. Talk to each other about it every now and again, to remind yourselves what you’re working hard to achieve.

3. Physical Intimacy Issues

Let’s be realistic! Even though a couple is happy, it doesn’t mean that they are physically intimate every day. One partner could have a lower drive than the other which can pose a significant problem. Experts say that this could be one cause for cheating.

How to settle this: both of you have to put an effort into spending time with each other romantically. At the same time, both parties have to be considerate of the needs of the other. A little bit of compromise is in order when it comes to physical intimacy.

4. Mundane Issues

Let’s not forget the matters of everyday life. It seems silly to fight over trivial things, but the scenario is that one person in the relationship always ends up doing more chores than the other.

How to settle this: always think about fairness. Chores might not be enjoyable to do, but if doing them results in a peaceful relationship, why not do them?

What’s great with happy couples is that, though they encounter problems or arguments, they always get out of it stronger. Communication is key. Do you agree with our list? Don’t forget to share this post and to check out more posts on our blog.