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This Is How You Handle The DTR Question

Starting relationships in both the online dating (with the prettiest girls) and the offline dating scenes are tricky, nowadays. Way before, it was understood that when a woman said yes to a man, they become official. These days, however, it’s a bit more complicated. A man and a woman could start acting like a couple without even defining the relationship (DTR). How do you even handle the DTR question without making your partner feel awkward?

Handling The DTR Question In A Way That Doesn’t Ruin The Potential Relationship

Asking the DTR question is tricky. Whether you are the one who wants to ask or the one who is asking, the timing has to be right. Aside from the timing, here are some tips that you can consider:

1. Don’t Panic

When you are asked this question or you are prompted by your heart to ask, the best thing to do is calm down. Don’t act on impulses because you might regret it. Start with a calm head so you know exactly how to approach the situation.

2. Set Limits Yourself

If you’re the one who wants to define the relationship, give your partner a time frame. He or she can answer within a week or even a month. It’s the same when you are the one giving the answer. Tell your partner that you will think about it in the frame of time you set.

3. Explore The Reluctance

If your partner isn’t ready to be official yet, talk about his or her reluctance. Is it because of past hurts? Is it because of the fear of commitment? Whatever the reason is, be ready for it.

4. Consider Cooling Off

When you have already given enough time for your partner to think about the DTR question, and he or she hasn’t answered yet, consider the possibility of cooling off. It could be good for you and your partner to think about being official.

When you feel like it’s the right time to ask the DTR question, then go ahead. However, give your partner some time to answer. If you’re the one who needs to answer the question, you’d want some time too. Be honest and patient, but when everything isn’t working, it could be time to let go. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.