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The Best Way For Guys To Get Over Dating Anxiety

When you’re going on dates, it’s very normal for guys to experience a bit of dating anxiety. Of course, one would want the date to go well, and that adds a lot of pressure on any individual’s shoulders. Let’s factor in the fact that guys think they need to be the one who is always leading and initiating. That’s a lot to take in.

Techniques That Will Help With Dating Anxiety

It’s understandable for guys to feel this way. Some take to drinking a bottle of beer or taking one shot right before the date just to get a bit of false courage. Well, us guys don’t need to do this anymore when we have mastered the following techniques:

1. Challenge Your Anxious Thoughts

Based on psychological experts, you deal better with feelings when you deliberately identify them and challenge them. For example, with your dating anxiety, you might be thinking “What is she doesn’t like what I am wearing?” Challenge this thought by asking yourself “If she doesn’t, it’s unlikely that she will not go through with the date”.

2. Get A Haircut Before The Big Day

It’s not about the haircut. It’s about doing something nice for yourself that will make you feel more confident. You can go to the spa or hit the gym or whatever it is that makes you feel good and ready.

3. Go For Casual During Date #1

It’s likely that you are feeling all of this dating anxiety because it’s the first date. You don’t want to be fumbling around in a fancy restaurant where you don’t know which fork or spoon to use first. Go for something casual because it’ll make you feel more at ease.

4. Change Your Perspective

You need to understand and realize that dating is a numbers game. Most likely, this won’t be the only date you’re going to have. If you mess this up, so what? You’re going to have a lot more dates afterward.

5. Relax The Way You Relax

When you are angry or you feel really stressed, how do you blow off steam? Your method of relaxing might just prove to be helpful in this situation.

You can beat dating anxiety easily if you stick to these tips. We have more tips similar to these on our blog.