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You’re Guilty Of Hatfishing If You Are Doing This

So far, we have encountered a plethora of dating trends. The online dating community can barely keep up. To add to the list, a new dating term has emerged and half of you reading this now may be guilty of it. The new term is hatfishing.

Hatfishing Is The New Trend Among Men

Do you wear a hat? From the name itself, hatfishing is something that most men are guilty of. The term is defined as wearing a hat on almost all photos on a dating profile to hide baldness or a receding hairline. So basically, you’re fishing for a date as you hide your baldness.

A lot of men may be into hatfishing because they are afraid that their baldness can turn women off. It can in some cases, but when men own up to it and compensate with radiating confidence, women won’t actually mind. It didn’t stop Jason Statham, right?

Appearance And First Impressions

Several studies have proven that we humans attribute positive traits to people who are good-looking. For example, if we see someone attractive we immediately think that this person must have a great personality. One of the studies actually revealed that our common first impressions of good-looking people are as follows:

  • They are musically competent.
  • They receive favorable treatment.
  • They are generally more successful.

A Research About Bald Men

Despite the above mention of researches on physical appearances and positive first impressions, this study, which you can read here, has shown that bald men have been perceived as dominant, taller, and stronger.

So, in conclusion, if your baldness is caused by aging or natural processes, it’s best not to join in on the trend of hatfishing. Your date may be disappointed when you take your hat off in front of her. It’s will most likely catch her off guard and this can cost you your second date.

Don’t be shamed of your hair loss. Own up to it because, basically, there are women who don’t mind men who are bald yet confident. Instead of working on growing your hair back, it’s more ideal for you to focus on self-improvement.

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