Irresistible 5 put on their denim shorts

Gorgeous Women Who Prove Not Much Is Better Than Denim Shorts

Sometimes looking fabulous doesn’t take expensive dresses and jewelry. When you look as good as these girls, a simple pair of denim shorts can look awesome.

The Casual Attraction Of Denim Shorts

The beauty of simplicity and the ability to look effortlessly gorgeous can be more effective than an excessive look that’s taken hours to achieve. Our girls are out to prove it today.


Ukrainian teacher of English, Ilona, looks super cute in her denim shorts.
The sweet teacher of English loves traveling and discovering new things.

We’re kicking off today’s list with a blue-eyed teacher of English, Ilona. The gorgeous Ukrainian loves languages, children, and her two dogs. She enjoys traveling and it’s something she feels has broadened her horizons enough to make her look for a partner that’s from another country. Ilona doesn’t want to describe her ideal man – she believes that they will instantly know they are meant to be when they meet.


24-year-old Ukrainian Marina looks absolutely stunning in her denim shorts.
The 24-year-old lawyer is energetic and fun, but can also carry a serious conversation.

24-year-old Marina is a lawyer who is full of energy and positivity but is also down to earth and quite practical. She enjoys spending time outside the house, especially on the beach, and adores dogs. Don’t be fooled by her stunning looks, Marina can carry a conversation regarding legal matters with ease. Her type of man is someone who is polite and understanding and has the ability to make her laugh a lot.


Future psychologist Valeriya is stunning in her denim shorts.
Stunning Valeriya is a positive person who loves to improve every day.

We’re already halfway through our list, and this is where we find psychology student Valeriya. The stunning brunette says she’s had her best friend since they were 5 years old, and that says a lot about her. She is the kind of person who can solve differences and work on herself and her relationships. She likes improving her English and working out and is looking for a man who will offer her moral support and help her become a better person every day.


Impressive redhead Marina looks amazing in her denim shorts.
The impressive redhead is passionate about life and wants a man who knows what he wants.

The second Marina on today’s list is a fiery redhead from Odessa. Marina describes herself as “sweet by taste, and tender by touch”.  She loves music, nature, and organizing parties at her house. She says she’s a great listener and loves communicating with people. She is looking for a serious man, who knows what he wants. Ideally, he will be able to combine a soft side with a strong one and be as kind and soft as brave and responsible.


Moldovan Irina is really beautiful in her denim shorts
Irina may be living a minimalist kind of life, but she has learned to find happiness in simplicity.

Last on our list is impressive Moldovan, Irina. The 18-year-old marketer has learned to live what she calls a “minimalist” life, as she has had to make do with little money. She finds happiness in simple things, like riding her bike, doing sports and cooking. She is also quite attached to her laptop, with which she also loves taking pictures. Her type of man is someone who is clever, easy going and able to see the funny side of life.

Unfortunately, that’s all for today. If you want to find out more about our denim shorts wearing protagonists today, click on their profiles. If you’ve missed past Irresistible Five lists, you can catch up by clicking here. For more Eastern European beauties, visit AnastasiaDate. You can also find us on Instagram and Pinterest.