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Irresistible Five: Girls With Curls You’ll Want To Run Your Fingers Through

Curly hair has been considered a sign of youth and carelessness since forever. Timeless sex symbols and fashion icons, like Marilyn Monroe, made a head of curly hair a sign of femininity and beauty. These girls with curls continue the trend.

These Girls With Curls Prove That Big Hair Don’t Care

Today’s beauties have the most beautiful curly hair. They wear them with such grace and flair there is no way any man would be able to resist running his fingers through them. Let’s learn more about them.


Pretty Tatyana is the first in our girls with curls list.
26-year-old Tatyana describes herself as “sensual, feminine and affectionate”.

We are kicking off today’s list with a beautiful blonde girl, Tatyana. The 26-year-old Ukrainian girl describes herself as “sensual, feminine and affectionate, honest, caring, mature, gentle, supportive and reliable.” In her free time, Tatyana enjoys ballroom dancing (especially the tango), fishing in her summer house and playing tennis. Her goal is to find her soulmate, whom she imagines as supportive, kind, passionate and very loving.


Yuliia is the second one in the girls with curls list.
Sultry Yuliia is an artistic girl.

The second lady on today’s list of girls with curls is a sultry Ukrainian, Yuliia. The 22-year-old brunette is an artist; more specifically a painter. Yuliia sees painting as both her job and her hobby. She likes to express her emotions and feelings in paintings; to see in people something unusual. Yuliia is quite spiritual and also loves animals. Her ideal would share her interests and would not be boring to talk to, to spend time and travel with, and will also be the kind of person with whom to make a family in future.


The third one in the girls with curls list is pretty Elena.
This beautiful Moldovan says she is ready to follow her man and stand by him.

We’ve reached the middle of our list, and this is where we find a Moldovan stunner, Elena. The tall 24-year-old brunette works as a secretary and she describes herself as kind, easy-going, open, passionate, caring, and active. She believes kindness is the most important value. Elena is a collector of things, and she also likes cooking, reading and taking walks. For the beautiful girl, the perfect man will know what he wants from his life and she is willing to help him with great pleasure in everything he wants to do. Elena says she’s ready to follow her man and stand by him.


Ekaterina is the penultimate entry in the girls with curls list.
Ekaterina loves belly dancing and taking part in beauty contests.

In the fourth spot of today’s list, there is Ekaterina. The 24-year-old student of management is a strong personality who is determined and very goal-oriented; this is why she believes an older and more experienced man with a similar personality would be the perfect match for her. In her spare time, Ekaterina loves taking part in beauty contests, belly-dancing, traveling and walking along the beach. Ideally, the impressive brunette says her man needs to be smart, interesting, cheerful, kind, brave, affectionate and able to love unconditionally, to value life, love and family relations, to respect her and be her protector and guardian through life.


The last girl in the girls with curls list is from Odessa.
Gorgeous lawyer Sania is a sweet, easy-going girl from Odessa.

Last but not least, we meet Sania, a Ukrainian lady with a beaming smile and long beautiful legs. The sultry brunette is a lawyer who is an easy-going, cheerful person who believes that we are the masters of our fate. In her leisure time, the beautiful 25-year-old  girl is an outdoors kind of person – she doesn’t like staying at home much. In the summer, she enjoys being at the beach and in winter she loves skiing. Sania’s kind of man is, above all, sincere. He needs to be attentive and able to show her love, kindness, and responsibility. In return, the gorgeous girl is ready to make him laugh and offer her love and tenderness.

We hope you liked this special list of girls with curls, aren’t they gorgeous? If you want to know more about them, simply click on their profile names. If you can’t wait till next week, when our new list will be here, check out our previous ones here. For even more ladies’ profiles, visit AnastasiaDate today.