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Girls So Beautiful They Could Be Descendants Of Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of beauty and love. Because of her beauty, other gods feared that a war might arise when time comes for her to get married. This week, we shine the spotlight on beautiful women from Greece, whose beauty is so beguiling that they might be descendants of Aphrodite herself. Meet this week’s irresistible four:


Irresistible Five: Ladies Who Could Be Descendants Of Aphrodite - Olga
This Athenian beauty has a lively spirit. She loves to have fun and makes sure that she lives her life to the fullest. Olga also has a cheerful personality; she’s the type that can brighten up anyone’s day. When you meet her, she will most likely take you on a tour of her city since traveling and sightseeing are some of her hobbies.


Irresistible Five: Ladies Who Could Be Descendants Of Aphrodite - Anna
Anna is young, but she knows what she wants in life. She’s quite mature for her age, saying that she gives her best in everything she does. She communicates well with others and has a dynamic character. As young as she is, she works as a manager of a business in her city. She would like to meet a gentleman who approaches life the same way she does. How does Anna approach life? You’d have to ask her yourself.


Irresistible Five: Ladies Who Could Be Descendants Of Aphrodite - Ioulija
The next beautiful Greek woman we have on out list is Ioulia. Her name is the Greek variation of Julia and it means “youthful”. It’s hard to take your eyes off Ioulia’s picture because she does have a glow about her that draws you in. She works as an HR Manager. She’s successful in her career but would now want to be successful in her love life. If you’re kind, faithful and honest, you may be who this Greek beauty is searching for.


Irresistible Five: Ladies Who Could Be Descendants Of Aphrodite - Petroula
Just by looking at Petroula’s picture, you can tell that she is strong and sincere, but has a sensitive soul. This 26-year-old from Thessaloniki is a fan of watching basketball and European football games so you might have that in common. Even if you’re not into the sports mentioned, Petroula would still like to meet you if you’re someone who doesn’t let the bad things in life get to him.

So, that’s it for our list of irresistible five this week. Do you agree that our picks this week might be descendants of Aphrodite? They are gorgeous, have flourishing careers and have legs for days. We have more lists on our blog so make sure you check out other irresistible five posts. You can meet these Greek beauties by visiting or by clicking on their picture.