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Ghosting Basics In Dating: What is it and How to Avoid It

Let’s be clear, even though it’s Halloween, we are not talking about ghosting as in ghosts in horror movies. Ghosting has something to do with the dating world for some time now. It does have a negative meaning, so it’s important that we know what it is, exactly, and how to avoid doing it.

Still Don’t Know Anything About Ghosting? It’s Time You Learn

What is ghosting?

Ghosting is a word used to describe a person’s disappearing act while dating someone. If a person, all of a sudden, disappears or does not answer any of your calls or messages, he or she is “ghosting” you. It’s also known as a “fade away” because a person seems to have just faded away without giving any explanation.

Why do people go ghost?

The main reason why people disappear in the middle of a relationship or a potential relationship is because they are not into it anymore. There are other more complicated reasons, but losing interest is the most common. This is especially true with online dating. Ghosting is so easy to do when your worlds apart and just communicating through the internet.

How to Avoid Ghosting Online and Offline

The bottom line is, this trend is hurtful and heartless. If a person has already invested emotions, time and effort into the relationship or potential relationship, disappearing will downright hurt the person. It won’t matter what the reason for ghosting is.

The following tips will help you avoid ghosting someone:

  • Don’t say anything serious unless you’re sure. When we’re infatuated, we tend to say things we don’t really mean. This goes the same for our actions. It is best not to say anything specific or act a certain way until you’re 100% sure about how you feel.
  •  Reply. A simple reply to a message or text can make all the difference. If you’ve just gone out on a couple of dates, simply say that you did not feel a connection.
  • If the connection is deeper than one or two dates, go ahead and have that awkward conversation. It’s not going to feel good, and someone will get hurt. It is, however, better than ghosting or leading someone on.
  • Apologize and take responsibility for your actions or words. An apology can make a broken heart hurt less.

So, to summarize, avoid it at all costs. Be sincere, be sure about how you feel and always be honest with the person you’re dating. Share this information if you found it helpful.

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