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Fun Facts You Must Know About Polish Dating

Polish women are known for several things which make them very attractive to western men. But here are a few fun facts that will be interesting and helpful at the same time in trying to understand the basics of Polish dating and to give you hints on what exactly makes Polish ladies stand out. Here is a sneak peek to the Polish dating world, and then some.

Facts About Polish Dating You Need To Know

Fact #1: Polish society is very conservative.

This is despite the fact that Polish women are more liberal nowadays. And is perhaps why there is a notion that Polish ladies want to get out. This might be perhaps as well that the population is getting older as most families opt for a single child if they even decide to have children. Imagine the gap in which these two generations were brought up. The older generation being raised with conservative values and those who grew up with media and technology as we know it today. This should give you an idea on how to ease your way into a relationship with a Polish lady. After all, if you do wish to have a serious relationship with a Polish girl, you will need to know that her parents are probably strict and will need more convincing than the occasional bottle of wine.

Fact #2: Polish women are ladies in the streets and a wild thing in the bedroom.

This saying you probably heard at one point or the other. But anybody who has dated a Polish girl can attest to this. This is since, hailing from such conservative backgrounds, these women know how to act in public. They act like perfect ladies, from the way they move, the way they dress and the way they relate to people. But then again, these ladies are animals behind closed doors. This gives you a beautiful balance which makes these ladies all the more irresistible. And, despite the largely Catholic backgrounds, these girls know the ropes and the moves that please a man in the sack.

Fact #3: Chivalry is the only way to go.

In the Polish dating scene, the women act like ladies of court, and of course, men are expected to act like gentlemen. This means that Polish men are naturally chivalrous, the type who holds the doors open for a lady, may she be young or old. They offer to help you with a woman’s bags, and would give up his seat for her. So if you are interested in dating a Polish lady, make sure you brush up on your gentlemanly skills as this is the only way to go.

Fact #4: Polish girls care very much about appearances.

Not to say that they are vain, it’s just that they pay close attention to the way they look. Even just to go to the grocery or going to the gym, these girls will try to look their best each time. This means, that your Polish lady will be praise worthy whenever she goes out and you will have bragging rights since your little lady will probably be the belle of the room. And just a fun trivia, it will be very rare for you to see your girl au naturel. Probably once you two are married you’d see her in a more natural setting but probably not too much.

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