Gorgeous German girls are the protagonists on today's list.

Forget Oktoberfest, These German Girls Are Why You Should Visit Germany

Germany, one of the strongest economies in the world today and the country that gave us the great scientist Albert Einstein, one of the most important philosophers, Karl Marx, two of the most famous music composers of all time: Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven, the Christmas tree, some of the best cars around, delicious sausages and possibly the best beer in the world, is also home to some of the most beautiful ladies. Out of its 82 million inhabitants, today we choose to introduce to you these five special, gorgeous German girls.

German Girls  Are Even More Intoxicating Than Their Country’s Famous Beer

They are tall, cultured and stylish. These breathtakingly beautiful ladies from Germany will make you want to visit their country as soon as possible. Go on, see for yourselves.


The first on today's gorgeous German girls list is Alina.
The 19-year-old sweetheart is looking for a positive, attentive and kind man.

We are kicking off today’s list with a real sweetheart: Alina. This beautiful lady is just 19 years old and she is studying to be an economist. In her spare time, Alina prefers to spend time with friends and take trips with them. She loves visiting museums and art galleries too. Ideally, Alina is looking for a positive, open-hearted man with whom she can be free and happy, and feel his support and care.


A model is the second entry in our gorgeous German girls list.
Model Marina is a true nature lover.

The second lady on this list is a bombshell. The stunning brunette, Marina, is a 29- year-old model who describes herself as “tender and sensitive”. In her spare time, Marina enjoys being close to nature, while she spends her weekends with her family. The tall beauty’s dream is to find an interesting and positive man who will inspire in her the feeling of protection and love, care, and trust.


Victorija is the third girl on the gorgeous German girls list.
The green-eyed beauty says she’s ready to give up her loneliness.

In the middle of our list of gorgeous German girls, we meet a blonde angel Viktorija. Viktorija is a doctor who says she has all she wants in needs in her life, except someone to end her loneliness. The green-eyed beauty likes to spend time with her friends climbing, swimming and taking trips. She also loves animals; especially her cat. Her special someone with whom she’ll share her life has to be a positive, attentive and kind man.


Ganna is the penultimate lady in the gorgeous German girls list.
Ganna is a fitness trainer who also appreciates literature.

The fourth entry on our list today is a Berliner. Her name is Ganna, she is 33 years old and works as a fitness trainer. The blonde beauty says that she appreciates every moment in her life and dreams of finding her other half and making a beautiful family. Ganna loves spending time with friends and taking trips, but also enjoys being at home, cooking and reading literature. The sweet lady is looking for a sincere and gallant guy who will open his heart to her.


Regina is the last entry on our gorgeous German girls list.
Regina is the least scary dentist you will ever come across.

Last but not least, comes a dentist. Don’t be scared, though. Regina is a very sweet and sensitive woman. She is confident, well-mannered, loyal and someone you’d be proud to introduce to your family. The pretty brunette is a foodie, but she also loves art and cinema. She also enjoys spending time with friends and has traveled extensively.  This 37-year-old woman’s ideal partner should be loyal, above all, because she has been betrayed in the past and has come to value honesty more than anything else.

We really enjoyed making this list of super interesting and gorgeous German girls; hope you enjoyed reading it too. As always, if you want to know more about the ladies, simply click on their profile names. For previous lists, click here.