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Flirting Mistakes You’re Making On Dating Apps

First of all, no one really teaches us how to flirt. We may read about it on blogs and other online publications, but generally, we think that it’s something that we are born with. Our flirting instincts will instantly kick-in when the situation asks for it. Despite this belief, we still make plenty of flirting mistakes whenever we’re online dating or using dating apps.

Flirting Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Let’s be honest in saying that the dating game has changed. It’s also safe to assume that the way people flirt should change together with today’s dating scenario. So, what exactly are we doing wrong? Read the list below:

Don’t Lay It On Too Thick

When we are on dating apps, we are usually provided with a series of pictures of a person when we visit their dating profile. One of the biggest flirting mistakes you can make is if you lay it on a person too thick. For example, you see a very attractive lady’s profile. You comment something like, “You look mighty fine” under one of them. This is downright being a creep and is not, at all, flirtatious.

Waiting For The Response

Most of us also expect a response right away. Whenever we send a flirty message to someone, of course, we are hopeful, thinking that the person will find us interesting enough to say hello back. This isn’t always the case. Just move on if you don’t get a response within 48 hours. There are plenty of people to flirt with.

Stop Showering With Compliments

There are plenty of other ways to flirt with someone other than just showering them with compliments. Just stop.

Don’t Say That You’ve Looked At Every Photo

We usually get eager and tell the person we’re chatting with that we have reviewed all of their photos. This is flattering but you need to draw it back just a little bit. It’s sort of weird to tell a person that you’ve been reviewing their profile for the last X hours.

The right balance of showing your interest and knowing when to draw back is the best general tip to avoid flirting mistakes. For more tips on dating, check our other articles on our blog.