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Fixing Relationship Problems: How NOT to Do it

We all experience hiccups in our relationships. It’s normal! When two individuals come together, a little bit of chaos is bound to happen. What’s important is that the conflict is resolved and the relationship moves forward, better and stronger. Despite this being the ultimate goal, fixing relationship is not as easy as it sounds.

Fixing Relationship Will Be Impossible If You Do These

Human as we are, we experience emotions that are so intense, we need to act on how we feel. The problem with this is that intense emotion and making decisions do not mix. It’s like partying and going home at 3 am on a Sunday despite having to come in early to work. It’s a bad decision. Here are more bad decisions that you can make so your love and relationship stays broken.

1. Make rash decisions while you’re angry.

As mentioned, we can’t really act on our impulses because we’re not thinking straight. Instead of looking at the situation objectively to come up with a positive approach, we act out whatever it is that comes to our mind – good or bad, but mostly bad. This could potentially create more problems in relationships.

2. Tell all your friends about it.

Your friends will mostly be on your side so if they only hear your side of the story their perspective and their advice will be catered towards your needs and not the needs of the relationship. You won’t fix your broken relationship this way, and your friends will probably end up not liking your partner even though you have mended that argument.

3. Tell your family too!

It’s so tempting just to pour all of your frustrations out when you’re talking to family. But, if you think they will understand the situation, think again. They will also be seeing things from your perspective which is not okay. You want your family to like the person you’re with, and by sharing your arguments with them, you’re changing their view from positive to negative, or from negative to really negative. Get the point?

Feel free to do any of these three if you do not want your relationship fixed. Do the opposite if you want to mend it! The best way to approach this is just to make space for yourselves and then talk when everything cools down. What are our ideas of how to break a relationship even more? Leave your comments below and don’t forget to check out our blog for other posts about fixing a relationship.