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What To Expect From A First Date With A Russian Or A Ukrainian Woman

It’s essential that you do not make any crucial mistakes during the first date – this statement is definitely a given, and the same goes for a first date with a Russian or a Ukrainian woman. The first date is often something that will foretell of the great (or the bad) things to come in your relationship; that is if you still decide to continue. Knowing this fact, it is even harder for someone to go on a first date with a person from an entirely different culture.

Things to know before that First Date with A Russian or a Ukrainian Woman

This makes things very complicated because, as the man in the relationship, you are expected to know how to behave and impress your lady. That’s why it’s essential for you to know the following when dating a Russian or a Ukrainian woman.

Drop the Cocky Act

Russian or Ukrainian women do not like men who are cocky or overly confident. You don’t have to show that you’re “all that” by portraying a role. This will definitely not work and it decreases your chances (immensely) in having a second, third or fourth date. Ukrainian and Russian women like men who are charismatic, strong, decisive, and polite with a good sense of humor and they definitely shy away from the ones that act like they are in a hip-hop music video.

A Small Gift is Appropriate

Now that you’ve dropped the act, the next thing that you should remember is to bring a small gift. Take note that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Flowers for instance, are a great gift idea to bring to the first date. This will show that you are indeed sincere in your intentions and that you’re trying to impress her but you’re doing it in a casual, natural way.

Keep it Casual

You now know that you need to act like a gentleman and you need to bring flowers. Next thing is choosing the place where to take her.

It’s important for your Russian or Ukrainian date to feel comfortable so take her somewhere casual – a coffee shop, a nice restaurant, a park for a picnic. Taking her to an expensive restaurant is not advisable because you’d want to avoid her getting the idea of you impressing her with your “wealth”. And, it’s a definite advantage to go somewhere more intimate than a fancy restaurant – you can talk better, the setting is comfortable for the both of you and there’s a definitely a better chance of experiencing genuinely romantic moments, don’t you think?

Do Pay

When it comes to the issue of who is going to pay for the date, it’s up to the man to step up to the plate. Do remember to pay on the first date. It’s the gentlemanly thing to do and it’s pretty much customary all over the world.

Red Flags

It’s considered a red flag if your date suddenly shows that she disapproves of the choice of gift or restaurant that you brought her to. This is a red flag for so many reasons:

1.    It possibly means that she wants to be impressed by what you can offer her.
2.    It also possibly means that she wants to see your financial capabilities.
When you do encounter a date like this, we suggest that you play it cool but still follow the suggestions we made. If she doesn’t want to have a second date with you, then possibly she wasn’t that interested in you anyway.

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