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How To Behave On A First Date with a Polish Girl

If you are after the type of girl who is pleasant, sweet and caring, among ladies of the Eastern European nations, the Polish girl is the perfect fit for you.  They also rank among the highest when it comes to beauty and relationship values. These girls are known to be loyal, nurturing and family oriented.  In a nutshell, these are the type of girls you bring home to mama and if you are lucky enough to get one to say yes to a date, then here are a few tips for the first date to go off without a hitch.

What You Must Know For A Date With A Polish Girl

When visiting her for the first time, bring small gifts or tokens for her and the household.

Of course, it is expected that on the first day you pick her up from her home. And Polish customs dictates that it is rude to visit a home without a small token of appreciation to your host you graciously receives you into their abode. These tokens need not be majorly expensive. A nice bottle of wine for her parents and a lovely box of chocolates and flowers for the lady ought to do the trick. Remember, you are trying to make a good impression, so this is something nice to start the date with. One quick side note: Make sure the flowers you get the lady is odd numbered and avoid giving out chrysanthemums. Stick with the classic roses; you can never go wrong.

Match her speaking pace. Don’t speak too fast or too slow.

Though Polish women are known to be well educated, some of these ladies may not be as good in English as you would expect them to be. Polish and English are indeed as different as night and day. For one, these ladies, more often than not, have very thick accents that might prove difficult to understand. Another possible challenge is when she finds you patronizing for speaking too slowly. The best way to manage this is to match her speaking pace. If you gauge her to be more fluent than most, then you can adjust your pace to your more normal speed but if she is one who is still learning the ropes, assist her by speaking slowly and using the simplest words possible.

A Polish girl may mostly be Catholic. Don’t expect intimacy on the first date.

Unless you are trying to pass yourself off as a sex tourist, by all means, pull some moves on her. But if you’re serious about being with this Polish girl, take into deep consideration that Poland is largely a Catholic nation and that values regarding sex may be a bit more stringent than most. But then again, each lady is unique. The best way to handle this is mainly to play it by ear.

Try not to mention sex or make any sexually charged moves if your lady friend seems to be the conservative one. Although, if you happen to catch a more liberated and open minded polish woman, take the cues from her. Just let the lady lead the way for this one, that way you earn points for being considerate of her values.

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