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Find Out If You Are In A Toxic Relationship

If we analyze all the relationships we have in our life, how many do you think are healthy and how many do you say are toxic? How about that one relationship you are in right now? Chances are there is something toxic in a relationship, even with family members. The bad news about this is we allow the unhealthiness of these relationships to seep into our lives like it’s comfortable and OK.

Spot a Toxic Relationship from a Mile Away

We should not be letting toxic people in our lives at all because that’s a downright bad idea. But, we have these people in our lives now, because we do not have the slightest clue as to how we can spot a toxic relationship. Let’s start today by listening to some relationship advice and reviewing the following characteristics of a relationship that’s unhealthy and toxic.

The other person in the relationship is always right.

When the other person in the relationship always argues because he or she wants to be right at the moment, look out. You may be in a toxic relationship. Being right is not a crime, ladies and gentlemen, but asserting your ideas and deeming them correct when they are not ALL THE TIME is not healthy. It’s like the other person only thinks about himself or herself.

Everything feels draining.

Have you ever had the experience of having your energy drained by another person? This person is what’s commonly known as an emotional vampire. They suck out the energy in you by pouring out all of their negativity onto you all the time.

People are acting jealous and being judgmental.

Jealous and judgmental people are toxic when in a relationship. The relationship has no room to grow because of the person’s insecurity and self-hate. That’s what a person who is jealous and judgmental goes through – a whole lot of insecurity which he or she projects to someone else.

There’s always drama.

For sure, you have one friend or family who always seems to attract drama with you and with everybody else. Be very careful in giving this person your time because “drama” can be contagious. The drama also invites unnecessary negativity in your life which nobody wants.

If you spot any of the signs mentioned in any of the relationships you have now, take this relationship advice: either cut off the connection with that person or remedy it with a good, old fashioned heart to heart talk. We all want positive relationships with the people we love which is why we all need to try to make things work. For more relationship advice, go check out other posts on our blog.