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Fast Cars And These Girls Are A Perfect Match

Riding in fast cars would be a dream come true for you, wouldn’t it? Before you answer that, let’s add one more thing to that scenario. How about riding in fast cars with a gorgeous Anastasia Date lady behind the wheel? Wouldn’t that be an even better dream? This week, in our Irresistible Five edition we check out the profiles of ladies who, not only have the charm to win you over but, have the need for speed.

Fast Cars and Glamorous Beauties


Elizabeth is one very interesting Anastasia Date Lady. She’s a Sociology major who is currently working as an advertisement agent. She’s well-traveled, having been to Greece, Israel, Turkey and Egypt for a holiday. She has many interests, from going to the theater to listening to music. But what she loves most is to be behind the wheel of her car and drive like there’s no tomorrow.


Vitalia is a 23-year old Ukrainian who loves to travel and take pictures. She mostly takes pictures of nature when she goes horseback riding. She thinks that horses are very beautiful and graceful creatures. Another activity she loves doing is driving. This passion of hers comes from her love of fast cars. Ask her what her favorite fast car is. Could it be a Ferrari?


Irina has already studied advanced English courses to develop her English speaking and writing. Can you guess what advanced course she’s currently learning? Yes, you probably guessed it right. She just started her extreme driving courses. Would you like to find out how extreme Irina’s driving can be?


Just by looking at her picture, you can tell that Liliya is one Anastasia Date lady who’s confident and comfortable in her own skin. She should be confident because it is necessary for her line of work. She is a lawyer. But, Liliya is far from someone who lives a life that’s not exciting. Aside from the cases she faces every day, she also likes cars. One of her past times is actually test driving cars that have just been released in the market.


Meet Anastasia
Anastasia is from Odessa, Ukraine. It’s hard to get your eyes off of her, isn’t it? Her allure may be coming from her mysterious look. She does describe herself as a mysterious woman. But, what’s not a mystery is that she likes hockey, soccer and driving fast cars.

What do you think about this week’s Irresistible five? Hopefully, one or two ladies caught your attention. Remember that you can find their profiles on the Anastasia Date website, or you can simply click on their names or pictures to access their profile. Check out the rest of the blog for other Irresistible Five posts.