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Are You Ready To Fall In Love With These Beauties From Belarus?

Belarus, meaning “White Russia”, is a landlocked country that counts Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, and Ukraine as neighbors. With over 40% of the country being forest, it is one of the greenest places in Europe. Its capital, Minsk, is a mix of traditional, communist-era architecture and modern buildings, and it has managed to rebuild itself 18 whole times, after being burned down as many times in its history. The beauties from Belarus are equally fascinating and resilient. Don’t you want to find out more?

Meet The Most Wonderful Beauties From Belarus

There is no doubt Belarusian women are among the most charming in the world. We’re talking about a blue-eyed nation of slender, tall women, most of whom have received higher education and cultivation. If you don’t believe us, see for yourself.


Caroline is the first in the beauties from Belarus list.
Caroline is looking for a man who won’t let her feel weak.

We’re kicking off today’s list with a bubbly blonde from Minsk: Caroline. The pretty girl with the irresistible smile is a 24-year-old dancer who describes herself “a simple girl, who values simple things in life”. In her spare time, Caroline loves listening to music, singing and playing the piano. She also enjoys being around people. Her ideal man is someone who’s decent, intelligent, kind, and humorous. He should be a great communicator, lead a healthy life style and like sports. Caroline believes that a man should be a leader and that he should let his lady be weak, but offer his care and strength to her.


Emilia is second in the beauties from Belarus list.
Gorgeous Emilia says she won’t resist the man who’s willing to do anything to be with her.

The second entry on today’s list of beauties from Belarus is Emilia, a breathtaking tourist agent. The 18-year-old with the most amazing blue eyes says that “cute” is not enough to describe her profound personality and character. Emilia’s passions include art, photography, music, and cinema. The kind of guy who will win her heart is someone who will be his real self around her and who’ll be sure that he wants to be with her. If she meets someone who would do anything to be with her, beautiful Emilia is certain she won’t be able to resist.


Stunning Diana is in the middle of our list of beauties from Belarus.
The 19-year-old girl is ready to experience the world.

The third gorgeous girl on our list is a brunette. Diana is a 19-year-old girl with captivating eyes, who knows that she doesn’t want to live her entire life in one place. In her own words, she is “a modern person who sees the entire world as one big opportunity for personal improvement.” As far as her interests are concerned, the pretty lady loves music, fashion, photo-shooting, drawing, traveling, cooking, studying, and attending social events. The ideal man for Diana is someone who can make her happy and who can lift her spirits when she’s feeling down.


Elisaveta is the fourth girl in the beauties from Belarus list.
The fiery redhead is looking for a strong, caring man.

In the fourth spot of our list of beauties from Belarus, we come across a passionate redhead: Elisaveta. The stunning girl is 29 years, she is a dancer, and she describes herself as a kind, intelligent, and goal-oriented woman, who is looking forward to forming a strong relationship with the man of her dreams. When it comes to finding this man, Elisaveta is careful because she wants to get married for life. The most important thing for her is to know that she’s loved by someone with a strong personality, who’s passionate, romantic, and caring.


Daria is the last one in the beauties from Belarus list.
The slender babe doesn’t mind a guy with a previous marriage and child, but wants to be the woman of his heart.

The last lady on this list is Daria. Daria is a 21-year-old student from Minsk, who describes herself as “good-humored, very responsible, hard-working and emotional”. She is also the kind of person who tries to find the positive side to all situations. In her spare time, the blonde beauty likes to dance, and enjoys traveling immensely, as she loves learning about new people and cultures. As concerns the kind of man she’s looking for, the green-eyed babe wants a strong and serious man who knows what he wants out of life.

Well, unfortunately, that’s all for today. We hope you enjoyed our list of beauties from Belarus. If there’s one of them you’re interested in learning more about, simply click on her profile name. For previous, equally exciting, lists, click here. And for even more amazing Eastern European ladies, visit AnastasiaDate.