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Meet European Bombshells Living In Canada

You can expect to see plenty of European bombshells when you visit countries like Russia or Ukraine. It’s common knowledge that women from these countries, as well as those from other European countries, are among the most beautiful in the world. But, what’s surprising is that you can meet that same bombshells in Canada too.

European Bombshells You Can Meet At A Local Canadian Pub

It’s fortunate that Anastasia Date has a vast reach. There are European lady members residing in countries other in Europe. Canada is one good example for that. On this week’s list, we bring you ladies that you can actually meet if you’re living in the land of maple syrup and hockey:


Yana | Anastasia Date Lady

Living in Vancouver, Yana is a rock chick who has a bit of a rebel inside her. She describes herself is kind and open, but she’s always up for a  hardcore rocking out at concerts. When she’s not attending music events, she keeps busy through her job as an art historian.


Anastasia | Anastasia Date Lady

This is Anastasia and she works as a singer in Toronto. She says that those interested to ask for her number need to meet with her face to face. She’s a pretty interesting person to get to know, so the meeting has to be done offline, according to her.


Irina | Anastasia Date Lady

Working as paralegal in Toronto, Irina doesn’t have enough time to date in the traditional way. Her work and hobbies keep her busy, but she will gladly make room for someone special who will come along. Just a word of advise, Irina says that she might be shy at first, but you’ll see that she’s a fun-loving person when you get to know each other.


Yana - 32 | Anastasia Date Lady

It seems that the majority of the ladies on this list are from Toronto, Canada. Yana is no exception. She is a 32 year old teacher who says that she is an optimistic and cheerful woman. When she’s not teaching, she rides her bike to parks. This is her current obsession but she says that she feels a little lonely without having someone to accompany her when she goes out on her bike.


Juliya | Anastasia Date Lady

Juliya, the last lady on our list, is also from Toronto. She’s currently still studying, but is open to dating. According to her, the perfect date night would be dinner, candles, and slow dancing. So, you think you can whip this up for her?

What do you think of these Canadian beauties? We will have more lists for you next week so make sure you bookmark our blog. In the meantime, check out our other articles here.