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Three Main Elements Of A Healthy Online Relationship

Before meeting people online on this website, we don’t really think about what it takes to make an online relationship work. Yes, we might feel the “spark” towards the other person, but let’s all understand that a relationship will not last with this one element alone. Commonly, if you want to have a healthy online relationship, you need three.

Talk, Trust, And Set Boundaries To Have A Healthy Online Relationship

Being in a long-distance or online relationship is a lot of work. You have to make up for the fact that you are not together in one country or city. You do not have the luxury of seeing and being with each other instantly. Don’t let this get you down; you only need to focus on developing or fostering three main elements for a healthy online relationship:


Definitely, communication will be a very integral part of your relationship. Because you are not within close proximity of each other, you have to connect to each other by chatting or doing a video call. You have to be consistent with communicating too. If not, you’ll likely fall apart.


Another key element in a healthy online relationship is trust. Because you’re a million miles apart, you will likely have your own lives to live and will only be “together” when the computer is turned on. You and your partner have to trust that each one of you is not going to do anything to jeopardize the relationship or hurt the other person.

Set Boundaries For A Healthy Online Relationship

Lastly, you have to draw lines in your relationship. You and your partner should openly discuss what’s allowed and what’s not allowed in your relationship. For example, both of you should agree on a day where you can meet online. This day is non-negotiable. During other days, each of you can do the usual things like meet friends, or work. But, on that day, your time has to be spent with each other online.

There are a lot of couples who don’t make it because they do not focus on the three main elements mentioned on the list. If you just focus on each of the three, you don’t have to worry about anything else. Your relationship will simply grow and blossom in time. For more tips and reviews, read other posts on the blog.