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Dude doesn’t want Russian dates, sends offer to Angelina

Valerii Zelenogorski, a retired Russian writer, and widower, decided that he might say goodbye to Russian dates and put out an offer that Jolie might not be able to refuse.

But let’s start from the beginning. Recently, news broke out that famous actress, Angelina Jolie, filed for divorce from her husband of 12 years, Brad Pitt. Playfully named Brangelina, the couple’s relationship has been rumored to be “on the rocks” with Brad Pitt supposedly setting his eyes on his co-star Marion Cotillard. The two are acting together in a new WWII movie entitled “Allied”.

This rumor, however, was quickly dismissed by Cotillard after Jolie’s divorce announcement. The actress took to social media to explain her side of the story and to blatantly announce that there is the affair is non-existent. On a lighter note, a fan took to social media as well to tell Jolie something that might catch her attention.

No More Russian Dates for this Fellow

Meet 67-year old Valerii Zelenogorski, a retired Russian writer, and widower. Upon hearing the divorce news, he decided that he might as well say goodbye to Russian dates and put out an offer that Jolie might not be able to refuse.

He wrote a marriage proposal on his Facebook page on Sept 21. On his status update, he asked Jolie to come live with him in Kolomna, which is an ancient city of Moscow Oblast, Russia. He said that has a garden where the children can play in. Jolie can then “sit at home like a lady, and at last, you will live respectably,” he wrote. Sounds like a blissful married life!

Zelenogorski continued by saying that he is not a poor man. He broke down his assets and listed them all in the proposal:  “I have four stands at the market, a dacha, a yard, a garden, there’s even a boat, two cars – a Skoda and a Niva with a trailer – we won’t lack anything.”

It seems like Zelenogorski is willing to give up his dating life with his Russian dates just to get the award-winning actress to say yes. He continues with saying the numerous benefits an American can have when living in Russia. “You can get a passport, you will be named a ‘distinguished artist’ [an honorable title awarded by the president – RBTH], and you can perform with our national actors.”

He also suggested that they can have more children together because the Russian government can provide them a hectare of land because they have a large family. Finally, as the cherry on top of the icing, Zelenogorski promised to by Jolie a fur coat for the winter.

Has there been any news on Jolie’s response? Not yet, but it would be interesting to know what the actress would respond to the Russian’s Facebook marriage proposal.

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