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What Your Drink Of Choice Says About Your Relationship

Whenever you go out to eat or party, what is your drink of choice? Do you start off with beer and then end the night with something stronger like vodka or tequila? Or, do you, simply, stick to beer the entire night? We’re asking because a new study suggests that there’s a lot that can be revealed about your romantic relationship based on your drink of choice for the night.

A Link Between Your Drink Of Choice & Your Romantic Status

A study conducted by RecoveryFirst involved surveying 500 Americans on their drinking habits and relationships. Among the results, it revealed that 46% of the men in the control group admitted to taking a few shots right before a first date. Some ladies, approximately 36%, admitted to the same deed. This tells us that there could be a possible link between our drinking habits and our romantic status.

Further more, the participants were asked about what their drink of choice is and were requested to rate their relationship problems based on “many”, “some” and none. The study revealed that the type of alcohol a person chugs can give hints about their relationship status:

1. Wine

19% of the wine drinkers in the control reported that they think their relationship has “many” problems. 72% thought they had “some” problems, and the rest of the 9% said that they did not have problems at all.

2. Beer

With beer drinkers, 24% reported to have “many” relationship problems. While 65% said they had “some”. The rest of the 12% are in the safe zone, saying that their relationships are easy breezy.

3. Vodka

23% of vodka drinkers said that they had “many” relationship problems. 73% said they had “some” problems and 4% said that they had none.

4. Rum or Tequila

These two belong in the same category because both rum and tequila drinkers were reported to have the highest percentage of relationship problems. 31% of the people drinking either rum or tequila said they had “many” relationship problems. 77% said they had “some” problems, and the rest said none.

So, what does this mean? Well, the research suggests that you should probably date those who drink more wine or beer. For more fun posts about relationships, check out more of our blog.