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The Different Kinds of European Women

Amidst the vastness of Europe, you will find diversity in culture. This is why, when talking about European women, you can NOT really pinpoint specific characteristics that will tell you how the European woman acts, what she likes and what it takes to make her fall in love. A Polish woman may have similar traits to a Czech woman, especially to a foreign eye, but, individually, they are different kinds of European women who have different sets of beliefs and they both have their own unique attributes that have received through their culture and upbringing.

There Are Many Different Kinds Of European Women And This Is Your Guide

In short, the language of love may be universal but you need to know the different kinds of European women to better your chances in dating one. As mentioned earlier, Europe is pretty vast so we compiled the most popular of all the different kinds of European women:

The European Woman from Romania

Let’s just say that the women in Romania won’t be left behind if we gauge them with a “hotness” meter. Most of the women there are 8s or 9s (American beauty standard). The thing is, though, Romania is very traditional. The Romanian woman will be perfect for you if you’re looking for a long-term relationship that will potentially lead to marriage but if you’re just looking for Ms. Right Now then you probably won’t have any luck with her.

The European Woman from France

Ah the French Woman! She’s stylish, flirty (extremely) and cultured. These may not be enough to describe a French woman as she is everything a man could ever dream of. For her (and for French men in general) it’s all about the chase. She loves to play hard to get but she also loves to be chased. Give her a taste (just a taste) of your romantic side while playing hard to get yourself. French women love that! If you have the spirit of an artist, that will also be an advantage. Offer to paint a portrait of her or take her picture in black and white.

The European Woman from the Czech Republic

Another European woman that surpasses a 10 in the “hotness” meter is the woman from Czech Republic. All you need to know about these European women is that they are overly romantic, like “let’s bask under the light of the moon and stars while staring at each other’s eyes” kind of romantic. With this woman, all you have to do is to be someone she can lean on and someone she can show her emotions to.

The European Woman from Russia/Ukraine

The main thing that you should remember about a Russian woman is that: “beginnings are always hard.” We say that because a Russian woman will show you no mercy at the start but if you survive that she will be forever yours. She will still have the hard exterior though and it’s important that you do not show your weakness n front of her. Secretly, Russian women love to be “dominated”. They’re just waiting to see if you’re worthy of such an honor.

The Secret About Different Kinds Of European Women Is Now Out

Like we said earlier, Europe is a vast continent and there are a lot more women in its different parts that were not included in our short list. But, as far as the women listed, which one catches your attention the most? Is it the Russian woman? Or the French woman? Either way, the best part is that you will find all of these ladies in a number of European dating sites so what are you waiting for?

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