Anastasia Date | Device that Breaks Down Language Barriers

Device that Breaks Down Language Barriers

Dating someone who is from a different culture is not an easy task. You’ll have to get over obstacles like cultural differences and, perhaps the hardest obstacle to overcome, language barriers. On Anastasia Date, we always say that you need to observe body language because that’s the other kind of language that can communicate better than words. But, there’s no denying that it would be wonderful to exchange ideas, have a real conversation and just say whatever you want without worrying if the other person understood it or not.

The next best thing for most couples is to bridge the language barrier with a translator. That’s a good idea, but sometimes a couple just needs their privacy. Having a translator around all the time kind of messes up the romantic atmosphere during dates, don’t you think? There’s Google translate too which is a nifty tool, but it’s wasn’t designed for using during dates. You’d have to have your phone with you, and maybe your earphones which, just from this, sounds too awkward already.

Say Goodbye To Language Barriers With Pilot

Different tips on how to overcome language barriers can only get you so far. A communication device called Pilot can really bridge the gap, lighten the burden and increase the chances for a relationship to work.

What is Pilot?

So, Pilot is a wearable technology that gives an audio output that’s translated directly to your ear. It’s like an earpiece that you use for translation. Imagine you wearing one, and your foreign date wearing another. As you speak your language, the earpiece receives what you say and translates it to the language your partner is speaking, and vice versa.

There are a lot of other uses for the earpiece, like when you meet your lady’s family. It can be helpful when her dad has a one on one with you, right? There seem to be so many possibilities.

As we can see, cultural language barriers can be overcome. Just think of what other barriers technology can break in a few years. For more updates on online dating, and the dating scene, feel free to check out more posts on our blog.