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Dating Russian Ladies: Types to look for and Who To Avoid

Upon reading the title, you’re probably thinking that Russian ladies are not to be avoided but they’re to be approached. Believe us, though, that every Russian woman (just as every other person in general), although very beautiful on the outside, can be very notorious on the inside. Since a lot of gentlemen from the West have been dating Russian ladies, some women from the country view this as an opportunity rather than a chance to fall in love. Not all women are like this but the bad ones are out there and here’s how you can avoid them.

A Complete Guide For Dating Russian Ladies

Avoiding the Gold Digger

  • Online: In an online setting, the gold digger is very easy to spot. She (if she’s indeed a woman) will eventually ask you to wire some money to her. Just remember the cardinal rule of online dating: never send money to someone you met on the internet. When this happens, notify the proper authority like the customer support staff of the dating website you’re on.
  • Offline: Spotting a gold digger is definitely harder when the setting is offline. You should know that the dating culture in Russia involves a lot of gift giving and you might mistake this as gold digging but it’s totally different. Russian women who are genuinely interested in you won’t mind $3 flowers, $2 teddy bears and the like. They also won’t mind going to a cozy cafe instead of a 5-star restaurant. Otherwise can be said about the gold digger.

Avoiding Ms. Dependent

  • Online: In an online setting, Ms. Dependent is a Russian woman who always asks for help with something. She’s always asking you to listen to her problems and she’s always asking for advice from you. While this may sound harmless, it could get a little tiring in the long run if that’s all she’s talking about. Remember that you’re in this to online date, not to be someone’s therapist.
  • Offline: Commonly, Russian women are viewed as dependent to men because of defined gender roles. This is true to some extent but not fully. A Russian woman has her own dreams, she has her own ambition and goals (aside from spending her life with you). Meeting a Russian woman with the opposite personality spells trouble. If you feel like she’s being too clingy, this is unusual for Russian girls. RUN!

Avoiding the Party Girl

  • Online and offline: The party girl, in both settings, is not someone who’s NOT looking for a serious relationship. She may just be dating because she wants to meet someone who can party as hard as her. She’s usually young and vain. If she’s looking for someone older, she’s probably hoping that the older male can maintain her lifestyle. She’s great if you’re looking for something short term but avoid her if you’re serious about finding a life partner. She parties all the time and she doesn’t really have plans of settling down and having a family. She’s prone to cheating and too much drinking. Avoid her if you want to avoid a broken heart.

Have you spotted some?

These types of women run rampant on both the online and the offline scene. It’s up to you to spot them. It’s also important that you don’t let your guard down if you’re not quite sure if you can trust a person. Trust though that dating Russian ladies is a generally very nice experience and that nice girls are out there and they are abundant. Look for the ones who are genuine. Good luck and check back in soon for more dating tips!