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Dating Habits Of Independent Women

There’s nothing more attractive than a beautiful lady who can hold her own without a man supporting her. She doesn’t need a man to take care of her needs because she can do this on her own. This is the definition of independent women.

Independent Women Meet Their Dates In A Very Different Way

You have to understand that independent women do not shun men out of their lives. On the contrary, they want someone to love, but they’re making it clear that they are their own person. If independent women are who you want to meet, you have to step your dating game up because they meet new people in a very different way:

1. Don’t expect her to wait for your call.

Independent women don’t wait for a man’s call. They either make the call themselves or they simply lose interest. Also, you shouldn’t picture out that she is devastated because you did not call her. It’s not happening.

2. She doesn’t appreciate mind games or foolish dating rules.

Do you know the rules about calling three days after a date? Well, independent women don’t appreciate it. It’s the same when you text or chat. If you keep following nonsense dating rules, you won’t be successful with independent women.

3. It’s best not to cancel on her often.

Canceling once or twice is alright. It’s understandable because life happens. However, if you cancel on her over and over again, especially if she made planned the date herself, she will quickly think that you are not interested in her.

4. She’s looking for mental and emotional support from an equal.

Most people in society think that a woman needs a man to take care of her financial needs. Not at all, most women can take care of themselves these days. What they need the most is emotional and mental support.

5. Petty drama is not in her vocabulary.

What you never want to give an independent woman is drama. She doesn’t appreciate drama in her life because she does not have time for that. You better take care of your own issues and try not to take it out on her.

Now that you know the dating habits of independent women, you know what to do whenever you encounter in when you are online dating or when you are approaching one in real life. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.