Dating habits differ around Europe.

Dating Habits Are Very Different Around Europe, This Is What You Must Know

Even though essentially all people around the world are the same in that we all share the same needs and feelings, we still differ in our dating habits, some choosing to be more expressive and others more reserved. This is what makes dating a foreign girl so damn exciting, after all.

How Many Of These Dating Habits Have You Heard Of Or Experienced?

Those who love traveling know that visiting a country is not just about seeing the popular sights and tasting the local dishes. It is also about mingling with the locals, learning about their traditions and, for the single ones among us, even experiencing a fiery romance. These are some of the European dating habits a traveler should know about.


French people have a reputation for being snobs, and while it may not be exactly the case, they are not the easiest people to approach. They often go out as a company of friends and this is the hardest nut to crack, since they may not be interested in finding someone at all.  A man and a woman in France can go also out alone without there necessarily being a romantic element between them. They may even flirt, as flirting is seen as harmful play, and still not mean to take things further.


When you’re in Greece, you should forget about the 3-day rule. If a guy likes a girl, he will probably be quite forward about it; buying her a drink at the bar and asking for her number straight away. Once he has her number, he will most probably make contact the next day to arrange a date with her. You could say that the Greeks are big fans of Breezing.


When you take out a Russian lady, never ever expect her to offer to pay, or accept to go Dutch. Russian men invariably pick up the tab when they take a lady out. You should also remember that no place is out of bounds when it comes to flirting, as long as you are a true gentleman as concerns your dating manners. Russian ladies also love small gifts and flowers (remember to always offer an odd number of flowers, though).


Italian men have a reputation for being big Casanovas. Indeed, an Italian man will make his move pretty quickly, so Italian ladies are used to men being quite forward and open about their intentions. But because Italians are so amorous and flirtatious, you might get mixed signals, thinking that a girl is up for more than she really is – so you need to be careful about interpreting Italian ladies’ signals. When you’re sure a girl likes you, you should make a subtle move (or she will think you’re not interested), but not be as forward as an Italian would be, as this subtlety will make you stand out from the kind of guys she knows.


One thing to bear in mind when you’re looking to flirt in Serbia is that Serbian ladies are not much into one-night stands, preferring long-term relationships instead. This doesn’t mean they don’t flirt; it means that you should be patient around them. The good news: Serbian men are not that flirty and their culture is not big on eye contact during the day, so just by eyeing up a lady you will manage to draw her attention. The best places to flirt with Serbian ladies during the day are in the main city squares of their country, where they meet up with friends.


When you meet a Polish girl, always kiss both cheeks – just a mere “Hello” is considered to be cold and impersonal. Polish girls hate men who brag, and they might lose their interest if you try to show off too much, so keep your demeanor humble. Some Polish women are quite proud, so they might insist to share the bill. If they insist too much, to tell them you’ll split the bill on your next date (and do it, if there is one). Polish women have struggled to be seen as equal to men in a patriarchal society, which might explain their insistence.

Don’t you feel that little bit wiser and worldly now? It is always interesting to find out the ways we are culturally different, as our dating habits are also part of our culture and one of the things that make dating a foreign person such a wonderful and eye-opening experience.