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How Many Dates Does It Take Until You Realize A Relationship Potential?

It’s so amazing when you finally get to meet your online date in real life for the first time. Now, you can see if there’s a chance to go any further and have a serious relationship. But, how long will it take for both of you to figure this out? How many dates should you go on until you realize the relationship potential?

Assessing The Relationship Potential You Have With Your Date

Is it possible to say that there is potential only after the first date? It’s possible, but it doesn’t entirely happen with every couple that goes on first dates. Sometimes it takes as much as ten dates or more. For you to know for sure, here’s what you must keep in mind:

Finding A Life Partner After A Few Dates

Love at first sight is more of an exception than the rule. In the same way, you cannot really expect to fully know a person and be committed for life after just one or two dates. But, after going out a few times, you will know if you are actually getting comfortable with him or her, or not. In most cases, a good sign during a first or second date is establishing that connection and feeling a sense of comfort.

The Feeling Of Comfort

Sometimes, you feel awkward during the first date. You can chalk it up to nerves. Yes, let’s say you’ve already made a connection but it is rather nerve-wracking to meet somebody new and explore new things about this person.

After the second or third date and the feeling persists, then perhaps this person is not a good fit for you. At most, you should be able to feel natural and comfortable on the third date.

Long-Term Couples Always Remember The Comfort They Felt

Many long-term couples interviewed by a dating site relate that they do remember their first date and the feelings they’ve had. The most common for them would be feeling comfortable and at ease with each other’s company. They can be alone or with their friends, but they hit it off right from the start.

Probably, the most important gauge about relationship potential is not really the attraction but the feeling of being comfortable with the other person. You can cut the other person some slack if it’s the first date, of course. But, the third or fourth meetings are very crucial. So be observant and keen when it comes to noticing how you feel. From there, you can tell if things will go further or not. For more tips on dating and relationships, do read the rest of our blog.