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Why You Need To Date More Mindfully Starting Today

We go out into the world finding love, but we don’t really do it with intention. Probably, we think that love is more of a primal emotion that comes naturally. When the feeling is present, then we know that we are in the right situation. When the feeling isn’t there, then it’s not the right situation to be in. We should change this and date more mindfully.

To Date More Mindfully Means That We Have To Be Purposeful

The problem with dating using our emotions only is that it can be misleading. For example, we usually mistake the “spark” we feel for love. When it isn’t there, then we automatically conclude that we feel no love for a person. We have to admit that, sometimes, the spark we feel is wasted on a person that has tricked us or ghosted us. We can avoid this when we date more mindfully. Other benefits of mindful dating include the following:

1. You’ll Have Lesser Expectations

If we don’t date mindfully, we concentrate on predetermined ideas of what our date is going to be like even before meeting the person. Because you are more grounded on what’s realistic when you are mindful, you will have lesser expectations and a lesser chance of being let down.

2. Date More Mindfully With Aligned Intentions

You will only talk to people who have similar goals as you. For example, if you’re looking for a serious relationship, you should not be entertaining someone who wants to date casually. It’s not just the dating purpose too, it’s more about giving the right people your time.

3. Happier In The Moment

Being mindful allows you to be more present. When you are, you enjoy the moments you have with your date, you get to know the person better, and you are in control of yourself.

To date more mindfully has a lot of advantages. If you haven’t had any luck for how many months of being the dating scene, what have you got to lose? Try to be more mindful and purposeful when you deal with people that could be a potential match. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.