Anastasia Date | Easy Conversation Starters For DM-ing Ladies

Conversation Starters Every Girl Will Respond To

Have you ever heard the term DM before? DM is short for direct messaging or direct messages. Most social media that you’ve signed up to has a DM inbox which lets you receive and send messages, and they are the whole base of dating sites like AnastasiaDate and the reason why you need good conversation starters.

Conversation Starters That Get You The Replies You Want

As with any inbox, the purpose of DMs is for communicating with other users. Today, however, there’s a whole science involving every part of DM-ing, since a lot of people use DMs for online dating or flirting. It could be an effective dating tool, but you need to open with the right conversation starters. So, what do you say to start a conversation via DMs?

DM Conversation Starters You Need To Master

Figuring out what you can say first to better your chances of getting a response can take a while, but take the short-cut by reading the following tips:

  • Profile picture compliment. Before you send someone a DM, you’d have to visit their profile first. Once you’re on it, of course, the first thing that will catch your eye is the person’s profile picture. Send a DM to the person, complimenting him or her on the fabulous looking profile picture.
  • End with a question. Ending with a question betters your chances of getting a reply. For example, “Hi, your photos of Fiji are amazing. When did you go there?” or “I read on your profile that you go to Berkley. I studied there too. Is Professor X still teaching there?”
  • Common ground. Do you have a lot of things in common? Make sure you mention that when you want someone to respond to your DM. For example, “Wow, you dress up your pets too? I have 2 pit bulls that are beyond adorable.”

Notes Before DM-ing

Before you start sending mass DMs on social media, there are a few things that you need to do first. Don’t just slide into someone’s DMs directly because that will be awkward or weird. If a total stranger sends you a DM out of nowhere, it can come off as stalker-ish (these rules don’t apply to dating sites and apps, of course, since the purpose of you being there in a first place is pretty clear).

Start by following the person you like or adding him or her as a contact/friend. Spend a few days liking the pics posted on the profile. Don’t forget to drop comments here and there if you can. When you’ve done this for a few days, then you can send DMs with the conversation starters mentioned above.

So, will you be DM-ing the person you like soon? We hope that you can do it with confidence! For more dating tips, check out more posts on our blog.