A list of beauties from Moscow.

Confident, Smart And Gorgeous: Meet Russian Beauties From Moscow

Moscow, the largest city in the European continent, is one of the greatest, most historic places on Earth. A visitor to this magnificent place can marvel at the iconic Saint Basil’s Cathedral, visit the fascinating Gorky Park, see the monumental Kremlin and a number of super-interesting museums and galleries. As the visitor wanders the city, though, there is something he will definitely notice too: the beauties from Moscow that walk around this majestic city.

Beauties From Moscow Have Character, Style, And Natural Charm

The city that’s been a cultural hub for decades, with a fascinating history that’s affected the whole world, and a natural beauty that makes it unique, Moscow could not but be the birthplace of some of the most amazing women in the world. Today, we meet five of the finest among them.


Irina is the first in the list of beauties from Moscow.
Irina may be cute, but she’s not into lies and playing games.

Starting this list of beauties from Moscow is a blonde cutie: Irina. This 21-year-old girl describes herself as “serious and honest” and says she isn’t about playing games; she’s looking for someone to love and make a family with. However, she is also a true romantic who enjoys romantic dates. In her spare time, Irina loves dancing and keeping active, but she also enjoys reading and going to the cinema. Her dream guy will be someone who is equally serious about making a family and who has strong beliefs and values.


A green-eyed lawyer is the second lady in the beauties from Moscow list.
This impressive lawyer has a great sense of humor.

Second on the list is a gorgeous brunette: Anna. Anna is 29 years old and works as a lawyer. She says her main trait is her sense of humor and it’s something that makes her popular among her friends. She is an optimistic person who’s also quite straightforward and despises flattery and envy. In her free time, Anna loves traveling with her friends and making new ones too. She’s also a big fan of dancing. The green-eyed stunner’s ideal man would be someone who is like her in character and is ready to make a family and commit to it.


Ekaterina is at the heart of the beauties from Moscow list.
This stunning model is a sensitive, honest and kind girl.

At the heart of the list of beauties from Moscow, we meet a breathtaking model. Ekaterina is 25 years old and describes herself as a person of high spiritual values who’s kind, honest, and fair. The tall beauty loves traveling, discovering new cultures, and shopping, so she likes the fact her job as a model helps her pursue these things. When it comes to her ideal partner, the beautiful vegetarian is looking for someone who will share the same values as her, and who will love her as much for her inner world as for her looks.


Irina is the penultimate girl on the beauties from Moscow list.
Sultry Irina is ready for a new adventure.

Fourth on the list is sultry Irina, a 21-year-old finance expert whose expressive green eyes make her simply irresistible. The gorgeous brunette says she has a positive outlook on life, likes changes and is not afraid to take risks in order to find happiness. She is a fan of nature and sports, enjoys playing tennis and likes to read love stories. Irina describes herself as a romantic and passionate person who’s ready for new adventures. Her ideal kind of man is someone who has a good sense of humor, is romantic, passionate, clever, kind and sincere. He should also care about his health and really wish to create his own family.


Olya is the last one in the beauties from Moscow list.
Do you love surprises and having people around you? You may be Olya’s kind of guy.

We’ve already reached the last spot on this list, and here’s where we meet beautiful Olya. Olya is 22 years old, and she is confident and open to new people and experiences. She has her own theory about life, thinking it’s in everyone’s hands to choose the way he wants to live. In her free time, the stunning brunette enjoys walks along the seashore, traveling, and inviting people over at her house. She enjoys making presents and surprises for them too. If you believe your character matches Olya’s, and if you’re honest, respectful, and ready for a serious relationship you may be just what this amazing girl is looking for.

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